A few people have asked if they can contribute to some of the mixes that are available for download. The mixes are free to download, but we could use your help to make more available!

We offer some of our best mixes in a polished, continuous mix format, on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/dj-smiley-mike

The Soundcloud account that I currently have costs me a little over $100 per year.

The next level up would give me room for 3 times as many mixes to be made available. I’ve already had to start removing some to make room for new ones, so it would be fantastic to have more space!

Unfortunately, the next level up costs $340 per year, which I just can’t afford (I’m a young Dad, so every penny counts these days!)

If you would like to help out, please donate using the paypal link below. Your donation will go towards the cost of the Trancendance Soundcloud account, and if the donations reach $240 in a single year, I’ll still kick in the extra $100 needed to get the bigger, badder Soundcloud account.

As donations come in, I will start to post them so everyone can see progress. And any donations over $20 can be listed by name including a link of your choosing (no links to porn or warez sites please)

Thank you very much to anyone who donates! We love producing the show and we sure do appreciate your help to make it even better for everyone!