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Trancendance is a weekly live radio broadcast that airs every Sunday on CiTR 101.9fm from 10pm-Midnight (PST). Hosted by dj Smiley Mike and his brother dj Caddyshack, the show cycles through various sub-genres of Trance and sometimes beyond, but there is often a slant towards Psychedelic Trance, Classic Trance, Hard Trance, Epic or Uplifting Trance and sometimes a little Electro House. When we venture beyond, it’s often in the direction of Breakbeats or Drum and Bass, and we’ve even been known to drop a few filthy Dubstep breakdowns into the middle of a mix.

Since 2001, Trancendance has broadcast from CiTR in Vancouver, Canada. Download the FREE Trance podcast, read the Trance Blog, or Listen Live (during showtime).

“Trancendance is a live show. Everything is mixed live, on-the-fly. Prior to 2010, Caddyshack and I were pure vinyl DJs. These past few years have seen us really embrace digital mixing, using Serato and its built-in effects rack and sampler. I see us pushing ourselves in 2013 to include more live content in our performances, and bring more live remixing and on-the-fly mashups into our sets. It’s been 19 years since I started DJing, and without a doubt, I’m having more fun than ever.” — dj Smiley Mike

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