Still Here Ringing in 2014 with Some Deep Build Trance

Hey All,

We haven’t gone anywhere, despite my not doing a very good job of updating the site here. Life gets busy. You can still find us live every Sunday night from 10pm-Midnight on and the iTunes podcast feed is still being updated every week, so there’s no excuse for missing a single show!

This week I ran out of time and couldn’t announce the tracklist on air, so it’s motivated me to finally post an update here on the site. I’ve been diggin the ~130 bpm psytrance for the past two weeks, so I figured I’d start out the new year by digging up some of my favourite epic trance tunes that run around that same tempo and smash them together with a few of the newer tunes that are catching some attention.

Here’s what happened.

dj Smiley Mike’s Relentless New Take on some Old Classic Trance

Jon the Dentist – Global Phases (Aaron Olson Remix)
Orjan Nilsen – Endymion (Original Mix)
Firebeatz & Schella – Wicked-Wicked
KhoMha – Vapor vs. Dusk Riddles (mashed)
KhoMha – Cyclone-Cyclone / Dimensional
Arnej – The Second Coming (djsm live extended mix)
Orkidea – Sun Down
Future Disciple – Jacobs Ladder-Jacobs Ladder
W&W – Lift Off!-Lift Off!
Orkidea & JS16 – Hale Bopp
KhoMha – The Dark Knight (Original Mix)
Orkidea – Pacifique
Cosmic Gate – Storm Chaser (KhoMha Remix)
Yura Moonlight – Harrier
Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Orkidea Mix)
TFT – Journeys
John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence – Dark on Fire (djsm bootleg)
Push – Universal Nation (Orjan Nilsen Remix)
Aaron Camz & Solid Stone – Process of Elimination-Process of Elimination
Skytech – The Other Side
Orjan Nilsen – Copperfield-Copperfield
David Gravell – Bulldozer-Bulldozer
Mark Sixma – Requiem-Requiem
Fisherman & Hawkins – Rude Awakening-Rude Awakening
Fisherman & Hawkins – Apache (Original Mix)-Apache
Orkidea – Blackbird
Tempo Giusto – Demigod-Demigod

A Deep Progressive Trance Mix


Simply Wave – Choice
Flowjob – Daily Dragons (Anton Chernikov Psy Prog Remix)
Phaxe – Fly Away (Querox Remix)
Phaxe – Swing King (Osher Remix)
Liquid Soul – I see the spirit
Soul Seeker – Existence
Haldolium – Behind The Wheel
Haldolium – Another Day
John ’00′ Fleming – The 10th Life (Artifact 303 Remix)
Vertex – Enlightenment (Aquafeel Remix)
Liquid Soul – Desire (Osher Remix)
John ’00′ Fleming – The Stroke Of The Midnight Hour (Original Mix)
Phaxe – Train Boogie (Haldolium Remix)
Haldolium – In Life We Have
E Clip & Flegma – Night Swallowing Day

Airwave vs. Orkidea and Deep Epic Trance

The podcast server was still down this week, so the sound quality is not the best. I featured Airwave and Orkidea in my set. Two artists that have been producing electronic dance music for longer than some of us have been born (no, not me… *knees pop*). Caddyshack follows up with some brand new stuff off Platipus Records including a killer remix of “The Horn” by Healium.

Warning: Caddyshack goes deep. I mean WAY deep!

dj Smiley Mike Orkidea vs. Airwave Mix

Airwave – Chiricahua
Orkidea & JS16 – Hale Bopp
Orkidea – Sun Down
Airwave – Oyama
Airwave & Astropilot – Particles of Love
Airwave & DJ Fire – Kabalash
Airwave – Above the Sky 2012
Airwave – Atlas Winds
Airwave – Reset
Orkidea – Blackbird
Tilt & Paul van Dyk – Rendezvous (Orkidea Remix 1)

dj Caddyshack Deeper than Deep Mix

I don’t have his tracklist yet

Deep Psychedelic Trance featuring Sideform

I was already two weeks behind by the time I started this week’s show, so I didn’t even write down what Caddyshack played. On weeks like this, we just declare his tracklist as “super secret”, kind of how it was back in the early 90s when DJs were a lot more protective of what tracks they were playing, always wanting to keep a bit of an edge on the other guys (and gals).

Anyways, this week I was going to play some progressive psytrance, but it really turned out to be more like a deep psytrance mix. And while it wasn’t really intentional, it turned out to be a bit of a feature on Sideform (Drasko Radovanovic & Milos Modrinic from Belgrade, Serbia). You can also check out Sideform on Soundcloud.

Caddyshack played some remixed classics and then finished up with a Crystal Method track, stating that he just hasn’t been able to make it through a set lately without throwing down some classic Crystal Method.

dj Smiley Mike Deep Psytrance Mix

Logic Bomb – Checksum
Midimal – Celtic Boogie
Zyce & Flegma – Pressure (Yokain Remix)
Slow Bit – Clavia
Sideform – Web Of Life (Float Remix)
Flegma & Nerso – Evolve (Sideform Remix)
Vibrasphere & Ticon – Dewdrops
Nok – In Heaven With You
Sideform – Eastern Fantasy
Philter – Rise
Phaxe – Secret Effects (Xahno Remix)
Ovnimoon – Sunset (Nerso Remix)
Audioload – Way out
Sideform – Kiss of Fire

Maybe one more? Not sure…

dj Caddshack

Super secret tracklist ;)

Spirit Warriors
Deep Morning Psychedelic Trance

My post heading is a bit self-centred this week. It doesn’t really reflect Caddyshack’s set at all, but rather totally focusses on mine. At some point it gets hard to come up with a title that covers everything, especially when Caddyshack plays a set like he did this week: a little bit of everything!

dj Smiley Mike Deep Psytrance Mix

Gaudium – High on life
Alion – Free Form
Gaudium – I’ve Got Something
Vertical Mode – Deep Vibration
Gaudium – Blue Lights
Skazi – Warrior (Atmos Remix)
Skazi – Warrior (Dubstep Remix)
Liquid Soul – Devotion (Protoculture Remix)
Vertical Mode – Pull Me Down
Gaudium – A Smile on your Face Makes you More Beautiful
Gaudium -Teknobonk
Vertical Mode – Twist Me Up
Odiseo – Flow (Invisible Reality Remix)
Alion – Bliss
Sub6 – Twenty o Six
Normalize – Brain Damage
Nick Sentience – Sakura
John ’00′ Fleming & Digital Blonde – Planebrain
Injection – Domino Effect

dj Caddyshack Epic Trance Mix

Deadmau5 – Jaded (Caddyshack Edit)
Eric Prydz – 2Night
Pryda – Illusions
Donatello – Traffic
Gareth Emery – Tokyo
Darude – Tell Me
Tiesto – Sparkles (Transa Remix)
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave
Rank 1 – Breathing (Breaks Dub)
Gareth Emery vs. Eurythmics vs. Adele – Rolling in the Sweet Arrival (Christian K. Mashup)
Push vs. Dash Berlin – Till the Universal Nation Falls Down
DJ Tiesto – Suburban Train
Triple Agent – The Operator
Plump DJs – Light Fantastic
Feed Me & Tasha Baxter – Cloudburn
Pryda – Mirage