Bangin Trance Mix Inspired by the Gareth Emery Northern Lights Tour Vancouver

This show follows hot on the heals of Gareth Emery’s Northern Lights tour in Vancouver. Several of the tracks are from his set, which was a non-stop crowd pleaser, including many tracks that seemed to be quite a bit harder than expected.

This week’s show caught a lot of inspiration from Gareth. Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a great event!

dj Smiley Mike Gareth Emery Inspired Bangin Trance Mix

There’s a couple spots that could use cleaning up if I were to rerecord the set. The BK track at the end isn’t a perfect fit and the Fausto & BRK3 track is a little harsh in the mix. I mix on the fly quite a lot, and this set has 10 tracks that I’d never played before, so, all in all, it came out pretty well for a first cut. I think several of the tracks will show up in a new set before long, maybe even on Saturday when I fill in for Synaptic Sandwhich.

Gareth Emery – Arrival (Ashley Wallbridge Intro Mix) [feat. Brute Force]
Ashley Wallbridge – Jynx
The Hague – Crank
A.S.Y.S. – Bassturbation
Nick Sentience – Below Zero
Nick Sentience – Kinetic
Nick Sentience – Nocturnal
Ferry Corsten – Punk (Arty Rock-n-Rolla Mix)
Fausto & BRK3 – Xsv01
Luca Antolini – Moments in Noise
Luca Antolini – Energize (Extended Mix)
John Askew – How Can I Put This (Fabio Stein Remix)
Geezk & G.R.G. – Madcake (dj Smiley Mike Smashed & Broken Remix)
Phil York & BRK3 – Traffic (ShockForce Remix)
BK – Pressure Down (Fabio Stein’s Downrise Remix Instrumental)

dj Caddyshack Northern Lights Inspired Trance Mix

Aria – Dido (Armin van Buurin Mix) *
M.I.K.E. – Sunrise at Palamose 2009 (Gareth Emery Remix)
Gareth Emery – This is That
Gareth Emery feat. Emma Hewitt – I will be the Same (Dennis Sheperd Mix)
Steve Angello & Faithless – Knas Insomnia (East & Young Mashup) *
Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation (Chris Schweizer Bootleg Remix) *
Gerry Cueto – It’s Not what you Think *
Stoneface & Terminal – Rush
Scot Project & DJ Sabu – Feel

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