Spotlight on Nick Sentience and John Askew

I’m late posting this podcast and so there could be a few mix-ups in the tracklist, but here’s my best shot.

Nick Sentience – Sub Atomic
Nick Sentience – Shorline
Des McMahon – Rain Maker
Des McMahon – Crack the Whip
Robbie Nelson – Shangri La (Alex Daf & Iversoon Remix)
Too Many Artists – Get Exact Blackout (Indecent Noise Bosh-Up)
Nick Sentience – Free Falling
Nick Sentience – Nocturnal
Geekz & GRG – Madcake (dj Smiley Mike Smashed & Broken Remix)
Adam Foley – Trip Switch (Danny Powers Remix)
John Askew – Nail Gun (Greg Downey Remix)
John Askew – All Or Nothing (Haris C Remix)
Roody Wittendoerfer – Anywhere But Here (DJ Space Raven Remix)
John Askew – Blackout (Simon Patterson Remix)
Marc Simz – Forbidden City
The Hague – Crank
Sly One vs. Jurane – Everything To Me
Ashley Wallbridge – Arrival (Ashley Wallbridge Intro Mix) [feat. Brute Force]
Nick Sentience – Electrify (Tech Mix)
Simon Qudos – Ascension Protocol
Nick Sentience feat. Nick Rowland – Meridian
Nick Sentience – Kinetic
Nick Rowland – Galactica (dj Smiley Mike Edit)
Kaylab – Here We Go (Jam-X Remix)
Push – Universal Nation (Live at Club Illusion)
Three Drives – Greece 2000 (DJ Tatana Remix)
Da Hool – Meet Her At the Loveparade (Fergie Mix)

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