Vancouver Snow Storm Bad for Trance

Well, after I suggested that I wouldn’t be missing any shows over the Christmas Holidays – here we are with a three week gap. I tried to get out to the studio last night but there’s just too much snow here in Vancouver and we’re not equipped to handle it. 

I have a bag full of new trance records after finding a crazy sale with Trance Records going for $1 each! I have new AKG K181 headphones which I absolutely love – they sound so much better than my old Sony 600 headphones. I have a new iPod full of fresh content for the overnight mix. Now all I need to do is get to the studio! Hopefully next week the weather will be milder. 

This week’s show was planned as a tribute to my good friend Steve Clark. Steve died in the avalanche on Blackcomb mountain on New Years Eve. Steve’s tribute show will air next Sunday Jan 5th provided I can get to the studio. We miss you brother.

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