Spirit Base
The Biggest Psychedelic Trance Festival in Austria

Spirit Base 2011 Psychedelic Trance Festival Flyer

Spirit Base has become the largest psychedelic trance festival in Austria since its inception in 2007. More than 5,000 visitors from all over Europe came in 2010. After eight years in a quarry in the south of Vienna, Spirit Base moves to a forest near Ernstbrunn where a Stone Age village was built for a TV production. The main floor, this year will be designed by several decoration teams, and there will be some visual surprises. Projections of Sikanda, 3D Visuals, UV decorations and special laser shows from Germany and Austria will transform the forest into a fantasy landscape. More than 100 international DJs and live acts from 20 countries are booked. The focus of the line-up is again on Progressive Trance, but Full-on, Dark-Psy, Oldschool and spacey Ambient are not be forgotten. In addition to the main floor there is a big chillout tent, as well as a third dance floor, which alternates in tempo with the main floor.

Spirit Base Psychedelic Trance Party 2011

Most artists come from Israel, Germany, Austria and several European countries, but also from some South American countries. Among the world-famous live acts and DJs are:

• Dino Psaras
• Bamboo Forest
• Ananda Shake
• U-Recken
• Klopfgeister
• Protonica
• Neelix
• Alpha
• Symphonix
• Shane Goby

…and many, many more!

Also, the local elite of DJs and Trance producers will be given a lot of space. A 40-meter chillout tent is hosted by Vienna’s Psy-DJ Gobayashi and his Astral Zone.

VJ Sikanda is famous for its gigantic projections that show the cultures of the world on all available surfaces. The “Funny Astronaut” and his team have been known for years for the light magic in Viennese clubs and on the Austrian Paradise Festival that takes place again later in July this year. Austria’s best decorative Psytrance artist Calaquendi and several artist teams will again provide huge and bright paintings and three-dimensional masterpieces of art. Fire shows, fireworks and performances round off the comprehensive offer.

For more information visit: www.spirit-base.at

OZORA Psychedelic Trance Music Festival with Union Jack

With summer fast approaching, there seems to be lots of chatter about which music festivals people are going to. If I had the chance to go to any electronic music festival in 2011, my choice would be the 2011 O.Z.O.R.A. Festival in Hungary. This psychedelic tribal gathering has first took place in 1999 when 30 thousand people gathered to celebrate a total Sun eclipse in the area: the famous Solipse.

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This year, the festival will be held from Aug 2-7,2011 and features an amazing line-up of live electronic music acts including:

• Ace Ventura

• Man With No Name (One of my old favourites!)

• Ovnimoon (One of my new favourites!)

• Protoculture

• Suntree (Another new favourite)

• Union Jack (One of my all-time favourites)

• X-Dream (Yes, another old favourite)

…and many, many others!

Here is the Full Main Stage Line-up at Ozora 2011

Here’s the info for Tickets to Ozora Festival 2011 in Hungary

If you are lucky enough to join the tribe and visit the OZORA Psychedelic Trance Festival this year, please send me some photos and a few words about your experience. I would love to share them here!

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