Oldskool Warehouse Rave

This week was a blast! It’s Fundrive week at CiTR which is when we ask our listeners to donate and help support the station. Caddyshack and I scoured our vinyl collection for the oldest, most classic warehouse rave tunes that we could bust out for our fundraising show. CiTR’s music director, Luke Meat, hung around for the show, which was a blast since he shares a passion for oldskool rave tracks (which I only found out recently!)

Thanks to everyone who has donated, and if you haven’t already, please consider making a small donation. You can call (604) 822-8648 and tell the person who takes your call that you are donating to Trancendance or donate online.

So what did we play? Here’s the tracklist:

Friction & Spice – Trixta
Cosmic Records – 1996

AGH – African Heartbeat (Mr. Knight Life’s Heartbreakin’ Mix)
Knight Life Recordings – 1996

Westbam – I Can’t Stop
Polydor – 1991

Members of Mayday – Sonic Empire (Live at Sonic Empire)
Logic Records – 1997

The Prodigy – Charly (Trip into Drum & Bass)
No Label – 1994

The Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)
XL Recordings – 1994

Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me
FFRR – 1991

DJ Santana – Fine Night Tonight

BKS – Spaceman’s Journey
Quality Records – 1996

Urban Cookie Collective – Rest of my Love (Do-do Bassburger Dub)
CNR Music France – 1995

John Debo – Uh-Yea (DJ Icey’s 407 Remix)
Caffeine Records – 1994

The Scammers – Cool Britania
Narcotix Inc. – 1998

Skylab 2000 – Auburn (Taylor’s OneInMetrobolis Mix)
Fatal Data Records – 1996

Cosmic Baby – The Space Track (Album Mix)
MFS – 1992

CiTR Funddrive
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Dear Listeners,

Thank you so much for listening to our show! This is so much fun, I don’t ever want to stop!

Trancendance is broadcast on CiTR 101.9fm – the University of British Columbia campus radio station which is largely run by volunteers (including me). CiTR makes the Trancendance podcast possible, however they rely on donations from listeners like you. Once a year, we ask for your help – even if it’s just a few dollars.

Trancendance Fun Facts

I was on-air at CiTR for the first time in 1994 (16 years ago) as a groupie and soon-after as a co-host for “Digital Alarm Chronometer” which was an all electronic show (mainly techno) broadcasting from roughly 10-11:30 every Wednesday morning. (Yes – it was an odd time of day for a hard techno show :) The show was hosted by dj Vader with co-host Sidearm.

Trancendance first aired in 2001, which means the show is now 9 years old, and going stronger than ever! My real-life brother, dj Caddyshack, joined the show as a co-host in 2002 after developing an oddly similar taste for underground dance music and DJing.

In 2006 CiTR began to podcast the shows it broadcasts, including Trancendance. Since then, there are over 140 episodes of Trancendance available for free download via iTunes.

This year we started a Facebook Fanpage that now has 1300 members, we launched the newly redesigned Trancendance.net website which receives over 1500 visits per month, and we now have a selection of our best podcasts available on Soundcloud.com which have received 5,000 listens and 2,700 downloads since August.

This year also marked the year that Caddyshack and I “went digital”. Prior to this year we used all vinyl records. Now we use Serato hardware and software that allows us to use special time-coded vinyl records to play and control MP3s from our laptops, while still maintaining the feel of DJing with vinyl records.


It would really mean a lot to me and to CiTR if you could help out with a donation.


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Call (604) 822-8648 and tell the person who takes your call that you are donating to Trancendance.

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Thank you so much!

dj Smiley Mike

Funding Drive – Part 1

This week’s show is part one of two annual funding drive shows to help support CiTR. CiTR is a campus radio station run by voulanteer DJs and supported by the students at UBC and our listeners. We feature diverse programming that you just don’t hear on commercial radio stations and the station needs your support to help it run smoothly. Funds go to things like bigger better podcasting servers and studio equipment. The station is even talking about investing in Serato which would let me bring tons of new music to the show in MP3 format and mix it like vinyl. Please take a few minutes to donate to CiTR. If you donate $30 or more I will offer up a mix CD as a prize (complete with cover art!). Click here to Donate to CiTR.