DJ Dresden and Goa Pete Live Guestmix from Goa Trance Mission

This week we have two very special guests playing live in the studio! DJ Dresden and Goa Pete are the lead organizers behind Goa Trance Mission, a local Vancouver group that have been bringing some amazing psytrance DJs into Vancouver for both indoor and outdoor parties.

Their next show is on Dec 1st at W2 in downtown Vancouver, when they will be bringing Avalon over from the UK for a live performance.

DJ Dresden Psychedelic Trance Mix

(I think Dresden mentions several of the tracks he played at the half time break)

Goa Pete Forest Psy-trance Mix

(Pete’s tracklist is super-secret) ;)

After Pete’s set I played a few more tracks…

The Four Corners of Trance
Deep Trance Mix

This week dj Smiley Mike slows it down for a deep trance mix while dj Caddyshack gets inspired by David Guetta’s recent appearance in Vancouver, and touches on all four corners of trance from the borderline house sounds of Nalin & Kane’s Beachball to the ripping acid sounds of I am Techno by TV Rock.

dj Smiley Mike Deep Trance Mix

DNA – Get Wicked
Lish – On the Edge (Visual Paradox vs. Cosmic Tone Remix)
Lish & Ace Ventura – The Light (Lish Album Edit)
Trancemission & Odiseo – Impulses
Astrix – Just in Time
Ace Ventura – Baby Boom
Union Jack – Two Full Moons & a Trout (Chab Mix)
Pryda – Illusions
Pryda – Glimma
Solesystem – Onion
Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman – Flashing Lights (Original Mix)
Kidstreet – X (Rampue Remix)
Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman – Flashing Lights (Dub Mix)
Nick Sentience – Below Zero
Max Graham – Nothing Else Matters

dj Caddyshack Four Corners of Trance Mix

Relocate – Rogue (Caddyshack Edit)
Ummet Ozcan vs. W&W – Synergy
Leon Bolier vs. Kamaya Painters – Endless Ocean Wave (Leon Bolier Mash-Up)
Kaskade feat. Martina of Dragonette – Fire in Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)
Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Chris Lake Remix)
Phunk Investigation – 1980s
TV Rock – I am Techno
Sebastian Drums & Avicii – My Feelings for You
Tiesto & Diplo – C’Mon
Avicii – Levels
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave

The Shiver Mix
Classic Trance Anthem Remixes and PsyTrance Mash-Ups

Another smashing week with an extended 3hr show! This week my set features remixes of classic trance anthems and trance mash-ups that should send shivers down your spine and leave your whole body tingling! I’ve always liked the heavy remixes and mash-ups, but often they’re on the lighter side. Not this set! At 145bpm it’s an epic PsyTrance set not to be missed! Tell your friends!

During the second half of the show, after his excursion into Drum & Bass, Caddyshack returns to trance with an Epic Trance mix that combines both new and old favourites.

dj Smiley Mike PsyTrance Remixes of Classic Trance Anthems and Mash Up Set:

Domestic – Bloom on day
Save the Robot – I Care
Quadra – Pure Ecstasy (Dynamic Remix)
Quadra – Bless the Robot
Save the Robot – She Came
Save the Robot – Robotz
Quadra – Chase the Sun
Alien Project – Deeper
Alien Project vs Space Cat vs Quadra – I Dose
Alien Project – Activation Portal
Quadra – Cyberfunk
Quadra – Unification
Quadra – LSD Came Falling Down
Alien Project – Missing Linker
Save the Robot – Feel Like a Star
Astrix – Tweaky (Alien Project Remix)
Quadra – We Shall Overcome
Alien Project – NRG
Save the Robot – What the Funk
Sub Focus – Rock It (Stanton Warriors Re-Rub)
Skynet UK – Back to 89 (Calvertron Remix)

dj Caddyshack Epic Trance Set:

Funkagenda vs Eurythmics – Sweet F*** (Funkagenda WTF Remix)
Cut & Run – Horny Disco Balls
Prodigy – Smack my Bitch Up (Richard Mix)
DJ Tomcraft – Lonliness (Above & Beyond Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (John ’00′ Fleming Remix)
DJ Tomcraft vs Sunbeam – Versus (Original Mix)
Ummet Ozcan – Timewave Zero (Original Mix)
Klauss Goulart – Misty (Fabio Stein’s Uprise in ’99 Remix)
Christopher Lawrence & Nicholas Bennison – Continuation (Original Mix)
John ’00′ Fleming & The Digital Blonde – Nine Inch Nails (Dub Mix)
John ’00′ Fleming & The Digital Blonde – Sunburn (Original Mix)
Andy Farly & Base Graffiti – No More (Original Mix)
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave (Original Mix)
Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Waiting (First State Remix)

Funding Drive – Part 1

This week’s show is part one of two annual funding drive shows to help support CiTR. CiTR is a campus radio station run by voulanteer DJs and supported by the students at UBC and our listeners. We feature diverse programming that you just don’t hear on commercial radio stations and the station needs your support to help it run smoothly. Funds go to things like bigger better podcasting servers and studio equipment. The station is even talking about investing in Serato which would let me bring tons of new music to the show in MP3 format and mix it like vinyl. Please take a few minutes to donate to CiTR. If you donate $30 or more I will offer up a mix CD as a prize (complete with cover art!). Click here to Donate to CiTR.

DJ Carl Cox Vancouver at Plush Nightclub

Carl Cox has been my top influence since the first time I saw him play at Subconsious – an all night rave event that took place in the UBC hockey rinks before they stopped hosting such events. As a producer I’m not a huge fan of Carl and even his mixed CDs seem more Chicago House than I would ever listen to. But in the 3 times I’ve seen Carl Cox play on the West Coast his sets have been uber-brilliant – maybe best described as Tribal Trance. His live DJ sets – at least the one’s I’ve heard – are nothing like his house CDs.

dj Carl Cox Vancouver Event 2008

The biggest reason I have such high respect for Carl Cox is his mixing style. When I have seen him, Carl Cox has always played on 3 turntables. His mixes are almost constant – that is – he almost always has more than one record playing. After watching and listening over the years I picked up a technique that Carl seems to employ. I swear I see Carl play in ‘tripples’ – that is 3 records that fit well together. He will mix back and forth until the first 2 records are properly lined up to peak together – then he will prep the third record to peak at the same time, but waiting until the other two peak before slamming in the third record so all three records peak at the same time and the new sound of the third record adds intensity to the peak.

Carl Cox doesn’t line up beats – he lines up entire records to fit together.

After the three records peak together there’s not much left and so a short mix leads into the beginning of the next ‘tripple’. I remember hearing these short mixes every now and then when Carl was playing and thinking how wimpy it sounded after such colossal intensity of his previous mixing. It was only when I stopped to pay attention closely that I could see why the need (and the justification) for such a short mix.

My other memories of Carl Cox are that he always played late for a headliner. He might not even start until 4 or 5am – and rumours would start that he wasn’t even going to show – but he seemed to prefer to play long sets for the die hard fans that were still going strong at 8am. I remember seeing Carl play for about 50 dancers that were left on the floor (after 1000s of others had dispersed). Another 50 people stood around the dance floor in a semi-circle just watching.

I’ve never seen a group of ravers stand and watch a DJ with such a respect as that.

Those of us still on the dance floor where absolutely exhausted – but every time it seemed like a lull to take a break, Carl would bring it up again and we were held hostage on the dance floor. Ever since that night (morning) I’ve known Carl Cox affectionately as ‘The Puppetmaster’ – his ability to keep people moving on the dance floor is second to none.

DJ Carl Cox Vancouver 2008 with Jon Rundell

Tue Oct 21, 2008 @ Plush Nightclub, Downtown, Vancouver
Cost: $35
By: Twisted Productions, Trust & Cargo