Black Hole – a Progressive Psytrance Universe


Side Effects – Black Hole
ManMadeMan & BrightLight – Empty Space
Manifestor – Before
E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix)
E-Clip vs Symbolic – Live Your Life
Daniel Lesden – Mercurian Nights
Elegy – Imaginarium (Ascent Remix)
Osher – A Little Peace
Zyce & Aquafeel – I Am The Sun Light
Roger Rabbit – Single Snapshot
Alter Nature – Chemical Dream
Redrosid – Vigilante
The Digital Blonde & Airwave – Fuji (Aladiah Remix)
Chakra & Liquid Metal – Resurrection (Chakra & Krunch feat. Guy Salama rmx)

Progressive Psytrance with Spotlight on EClip

This week I feature several tracks off E-Clip’s new album Into the Void. If you enjoy listening to the mixes I post, please support the artists so they can keep producing these amazing tracks. Most of the artists I play aren’t raking in the big bucks, so it means a lot if you can buy their music when it’s extra deserving. E-Clip is one of those artists that’s extra deserving.

You can find his new album here:


Nerso & Sideform – Dune (Molok Remix)
Ascent & Norma Project – Shining Crystals
E-Clip – Human Instincts
Ace Ventura – Serenity Now (Side Effects Rmx)
Ascent & Shogan – Hidden Earth
E-Clip & Zyce – Flying Objects
E-Clip – Cosmic Religion
Zyce – Magic Shrooms (Shake Remix)
Metronome – Inside Your Head
E-Clip – Psy Tribe (Molok Remix)
Daniel Lesden – The Gaia
E-Clip vs Zen Mechanics – Flashback
Shake – Predator (Original Mix)
Cosmic Riders – Spiritual Journey (2014 Mix)
E-Clip – Endless Symphony
Side Effects & Lyctum – Fantasy
Shake – Catalyzer (Original Mix)

Progressive Psy-Trance with Spotlight on Osher

Liquid Soul – Desire (Osher Remix)
Midimal – Age of History (Osher Remix)
Haldolium – In Life We Have
Naes – Timeless (Original Mix)
Naes – Age of Love
E-Clip – Artificial Intelligence
Neelix – Round One
Osher – World of Sound
Symphonix – Dirty Minds (Osher Remix)
Audiomatic & Phaxe – Pineapple X-Press
Osher – Beautiful Destination
Osher – Paradise
Jiser – Breaking Time
Osher – Beautiful Destination (Kopel Remix)
Kopel – Darkness (Osher Remix)
Naes – Paralelle Universe (Original Mix)
Dualism, Meeloo & Clufe – Dreams
Durs – Hidden Light
Darth & Vader – Return Of The Jedi (Interactive Noise Remix)
Liquid Soul – Purity (Interactive Noise Remix)
Jiser – Tic Tac
DNA – Think Different (Audiomatic Remix)
Class A – Classic (Osher Remix)
Coming Soon – Make It Work (Class A Remix)
Monu – Everything Change (Original Mix)
Monu – Panik
Osher – Off the Record
Ritmo – Dream and Reality
Class A – Swissstyle
Vaishiyas & Audiomatic – Pattern Safari

Another Trancendance Podcast

Aaron Olson Set

Mortageau & Metzo – No Matter (Progressive Brothers Remix)
Milk & Sky – Rokkosi
Attys – Flight
Teenu Aurora – Away (Sashi & Urvil Remix)
Jamie Stewart – Fucking Hands Up
Motriz – Know How
Jamie Stewart – Come On
Khanenya & Jayroque – Higher
Aaron Olson – Walking on Fire (Early le Doc Big Room Touch)
James Shark – Reboot
Jake Shanahan – Ninth
Tipsy Tom & Allex Kellar – Pulse
Jake Shanahan – Purple Lip
Nark – You Give Me Life (Rat n Frikk Remix)
Aaron Olson – Walking on Fire (Bi Polar Remix)
Nari & Milani – Vago
KhoMha – The Dark Night
Jon the Dentist – Global Phases (Aaron Olson Remix)
Mortageau & Metzo – No Matter (Sunset Remix)
Dawn – As it was Meant to Be

dj Smiley Mike set

Egorythmia, E-Clip – Highest Technology (djsm bootleg)
Ace Ventura, Rocky – Serotonin Overdose (Form Follows Function)
Behind Blue Eyes & BBE – Rumble in the Jungle (Zen Mechanics Remix) (Goa Essentials)
Egorythmia, E-Clip – Highest Technology (Original Mix) (Sourcecode Transmissions Vol. 1)
Static Movement – Talking About Love (Avshi Vs Soul Six Remix) (Circle Of Life)
Funky Dragon – Dreamer Original Mix (TesseracTstudio Best Of 2012)
Egorythmia – Black Hole vs S.M.O.T.U. (djsm)
Earsugar – Bonfire (Extrasensory Perception Part 2)
Freq – Dreambody (Liquid Soul Remix) (Banel – 25 Years Anniversary)
Flegma, E-Clip – Phantom Traveler – Original Mix (Dynamic Violence EP)
Freq – The Moon & the Earth (New Order)
LYCTUM – Sub-Quantum (live arrangement)
Motion Drive Vs. Flowjob – Vibrating (Goa Culture Vol. X)
LYCTUM – Planet Birth (Vibrations Of Life)
Liquid Soul & Symbolic – Different Reality (Original Mix) (Set15 Iboga Trance Classics)
Lish Vs. Space Cat – Dark Horizon (Dark Horizon)

dj Smiley Mike and Caddyshack return

After several weeks, we’re both in the studio for a back to back edition of Trancendance. I’m still heavy into the progressive psytrance featuring several new compilations including Trancemutations of the Mind by Ovnimoon, Goa Culture X off the Yellow Sunshine Explosion label and Moments in Trance off the JOOF label. And Caddyshack repeatedly drops electro trance bombs, including a couple bangers by Orjan Nilsen.

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psytrance Mix

The Chromatic – Sunwave (Goa Culture X)
Ovnimoon – Learning (Trancemutations of the Mind)
Klopfgeister – Goodbye Goa (The Chromatic Remix) (Goa Culture X)
E-clip – Cosmic Energy (Moments in Trance)
D-Twin – Walking on Air
Klopfgeister – Progwarts (Goa Culture X)
Ovnimoon, Pragmatix, E-Mantra, Nova – Transmutation (Trancemutations of the Mind)
Ovnimoon and Lyctum – Power of Positive Mind (Trancemutations of the Mind)
Tezla – Let Yourself Go (Goa Culture X)
Fatali – Mother (Moments in Trance)
8thsin – Bells (Goa Culture X)
Vibrasphere – Capsize (Sphera Remix)
John 00 Flemming and Lyctum – Colliding Galaxies (Moments in Trance)
Ovnimoon & Lupin – Hooponopono (Trancemutations of the Mind)

Caddyshack Electro Trance Mix

The Prodigy – Warriors Dance
Fedde le Grande & Sultan & Ned Sheppard – No Good
W&W – Thunder
Omnia – The Light
Orjan Nilson – Violette
Orjan Nilson – Xiing
Firebeatz – Gangster
Marco V – Hypergenic Supersonic Futuristic Monophonic
W&W & Ozcan – The Code
Beat Service – On the Edge