Uptempo Progressive Psytrance

This week we pick up just about where we left off last week on a steady climb through progressive psytrance that started last week at a lowly 128bpm. This week we’re up to about 136bpm and ready to keep climbing.

dj Smiley Mike Psygressive Mix

Gaudium – One (Suntree Remix)
Double Click – Tribal Waves
Sonic Wave Control – Lost Tribe (Original Mix)
Ahmet Atasever – All Yours (Ovnimoon Remix)
Ace Ventura – Dark Matter (E-Clip Remix)
E-Clip – Psy Tribe
Lupin & Hypnoxock – Camouflage (Lupin Remix)
Lupin & Ovnimoon – Believe in the Change (Lupin Remix)
Loud – Dustortion
DjFabio&Benni Moon – Another Night
U-Recken – Elements
Solar Spectrum – Exit to Earth (Original Mix)

dj Smiley Mike Goes Full On for a few Minutes

Ital – Free Like the Earth (Original Mix)
Polaris – Energy (Original Mix)
Aphid Moon – Doofer (Original Mix)
Holographic Brain – Eternal Life (Original Mix)
Journey – Surfing Bird (Original Mix)
Broken Toy – Nu Metro
Digicult – Icarus One (Lamat Remix)
Electric Universe – Transmission
F.F.T – Frequency Request (Lamat Remix)

3hr Psychedelic Trance Mix

This week there’s a couple gaps in the podcast. Nothing too major, but they’ve been doing construction out at UBC and I’m pretty sure the transmitter lost power for about 10 mins at one point in the show. The podcast feed comes directly from the line that feeds the antena, so while I was rockin out in the studio like nothing was wrong, the signal went down. Never fear though, I have a master recording and I learned to play music with Philadelphia Piano Lessons In My Home and other instruments too. But it’ll take me at least a couple days to post it somewhere for download. In the meantime, here’s the podcast which should keep you groovin. When you get to a quiet gap, just fast forward about 10 minutes.

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psytrance Mix Part 1

Ovnimoon – Shamanic Dance on Ayahuasca (Ovnimoon Remix)
Rocky, Sphera – Echo (Yotopia Remix)
Vice – Voyager
Midimal – Celtic Boogie
Sideform – Web of Life (Float Mix)
Perfect Stranger, DJ Pena – Ode Ao Sol (Liquid Soul Remix) [Just barely played]
Philter – Rise
Philter – 28 Days
Nok – In Heaven with You
Sideform – Psychedelic Future
Ovnimoon & Zyce – Stereo Space (Erotic Dream Remix)
Hi Profile – Aliens Only in America
E-Clip – Chandra
Aqualize – Land of 2 Suns (Lyctum)
Alion – Free Form

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psytrance Mix Part 2

Opposite8 – Speak Live (feat. Solarix)
Opposite8 – All About Forgiveness (feat. Space Cat)
Ovnimoon – Turn Off the Lights (Ovnimoon Remix)
Ritmo – Declare (Ovnimoon Remix)
Sunstryk – Ascending Soul (Ovnimoon Remix)
Gaudium – Inside the Box
Gaudium – Torn Melodies
Sonic Entity – Sub Preassure
Liquid Sound & Argonnight – The Story of the Wather
E-Clip – Moonsight
Gaudium – SSRI
Gaudium – Just in Front
Ahmet Atasever – All Yours (Ovnimoon Remix)

Electro House, Retro 90s Dance and Deep Morning Psytrance

dj Caddyshack Electro House Mix

Omnia & Ira – The Fusion (Armin van Buuren Intro Edit)
Sander van Doorn – Chasin
W&W – Shotgun
Bingo Players ft. Heather Bright – Don’t Blame the Party (Qulinez Remix)
Basto – I Rave You
Tiesto & Hardwell – Zero 76
Marcus Schossow – Acid, Festival, Champagne & Bitches
Qulinez – Troll
Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (DJ Icey ReRub)
Benny Benassi – House Music
Blame – Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)

Aaron Olson Retro 90s Dance Mix

Tori Amos – Professional
Tribal House – Moov!
Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap
Sir Mix-a-lot – Baby Got Back (Hurricane Mix)
Snap! – The Power (Extended Version)
2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone (Rave Version)
The Immortals – Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Another Night (Club Mix)
2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance
Snap! – Rythem is a Dancer (Armin van Helden Remix)
Real 2 Real – I Like to Move It (Erick “More” Club Mix)
Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy 2007
Klaas Meets Haddaway – What is Love 2K9 (Klaas Club Mix)
Micky Slim vs. House of Pain – Jump Around (Deadmau5 Remix)
Andy Whitby & Matt Lee – Higher State of Consciousnesses
Dj Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (KY Jelly Babbies Remix)
Jon the Dentist & Ollie Jay – Feel So Good (Dave Holmes Remix)

dj Smiley Mike Deep Morning Psytrance Mix

Aqualize – Land of 2 Suns (Lyctum Mix)
Sideform – Kiss of Fire
Gaudium – High on Life
Zyce – Ghost (Spinney Lainey & Zyce Remix)
Zyce – L’apstraction (Side Effects Remix)
Liquid Sound & Argonnight – The Story of the Wather
Side Effects – The Second LSDeep
Sonic Entity – Sub Pressure
E-Clip – Moonsight
Sub6 – 7th Son (Freq Remix)
4-Play – Heartbeat
Divine Flare – Balruin
ARW – Time is Not Free

BC Day 3hr Longweekend Show

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psytrance Mix

Vibrasphere – Floating Free (Krama Remix)
Vibrasphere – Floating Free (Visua Remix)
Vibrasphere – Wasteland (Timedrained Remix)
Vibrasphere – Autumn Lights (Mindwave Remix)
John ’00′ Fleming & The Digital Blonde – Solomate
Sinister Silence – Someday feat. Camille Jones (Still Around Mix)
Sideform – Web of Life
Sideform – 7th Sense
Krama – Vir Mortalis
Riktam & Bansi – Right Way Up
Fatali – Booster (Echotek Remix)
E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum
Electric Tease – TV is the New God (Sub6 Remix)

Aaron Olson Live Guestmix

01. Pierre O – Let’s Let’s Let’s
02. Umek – Present or Absent
03. Aaron Olson – Touch & Go (J.A.DJ Remix)
04. Most – Limpid City (Tech Dub)
05. (Bi) Polar – Alive
06. Abnormis – Reckless
07. DJ San feat Nikki Ponte – Love’s Like Breathing (Senseekers Club Mix)
08. Vanity In Mind feat. Johan Dahlberg) – The Sun, The Moon
09. Es Robinski feat. Jessika Dawn – Now That I’ve Found You
10. Tarmo & Lexa – Ruby (Tony Jaguar Remix)
11. Claudia Cazacu – Labyrinth
12. Nikita Leonenko – Knock in Your Head (Da Fresh Remix)
13. Doc Brown – Hard Feelings
14. Skazi – Monkey Business
15. Fido X – Photon Rotation
16. Aaron Olson – Subversion
17. Simon Patterson – New Life
18. Christopher Lawrence – OK to Go
19. Aaron Olson – Elements
20. Paul Gallagher – Crossroads (Ollie Jaye Remix)
21. Burak Harsitlioglu – Clouds (Aaron Olson Remix)
22. Generator – Saved My Life
23. Marco V – Speakfreak

dj Caddyshack Trance Mix

(I need to collect his tracklist… soon)

Tribute to Ace Ventura Headlining Motion Notion

This week we lay down a huge tribute set to Ace Ventura who will be headlining Motion Notion in Golden BC from July 19 through July 23, 2012. This is sure to be an unparalleled event including many other big-name headliners such as Crystal Method, John 00 Fleming and Perfect Stranger. Don’t miss it. Find out more at www.motionnotion.com

dj Smiley Mike Ace Ventura Tribute Mix

Ace Ventura – Presence (Ectima Remix)
Ace Ventura & Perfect Stranger – Perfect Ace
Ace Ventura – Baby Boom
Lish & Ace Ventura – The Light (Lish Album Edit)
Ace Ventura – The Light (Zen Mechanics Remix)
Liquid Soul – Devotion (Ace Ventura Remix)
Ace Ventura – Genesis
Ace Ventura – MARS (Gaudium Remix)
Ace Ventura – Exposed
Ace Ventura – Connected (Liquid Soul Remix)
Ace Ventura – Connected (Sunstryk Remix)
Ace Ventura – Rebirth
Ace Ventura – Connected (Symphonix Remix)
Timelock & Ace Ventura – 51

dj Smiley Mike Rave Breaks Mix

North Base – Ruffneck
North Base – Fright Night
RadioKillaZ – The Cholo
E-Lab Rat – Ambitious (Electrux Remix)
E-Lab Rat – 3 Bad Rats (Ben Venom Remix)
North Base – Acid Flashback
North Base – Hallow 808