DJ Solitare Retro Goa Guestmix plus DJ Caddyshack features Psychedelic Drum and Bass by Cybernetika

dj Solitare Retro Goa Set

The Infinity Project – Binary Neuronaut
Psychaos – Seti
Overlords – Naked People (Man with No Name Remix)
Space Tribe – Machine Elf
Total Eclipse – Aliens
Excess Head – Another Planet
Cydonia – Screaming Darkness
Prana – Moretsu (Inigo & Baraka Mix)

dj Caddyshack Psychedelic Drum and Bass Mix

These Cybernetika tracks are available for free download from Ektoplazm.

Cybernetika – Antares
Cybernetika – Star Child
Cybernetika – Hydroponica
Cybernetika – Vaporized
Cybernetika – Unleash
Vortech – Humanity Static (Cybernetika Remix)
Cybernetika – Devoid of Gravity

Proggy Goa Psytrance and Classic Trance

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Goa Psytrance Mix

Class A – That’s Strange
Audiomatic, Vaishiyas – Exchange
Solar Spectrum – Exit to Earth (Original Mix)
Shyisma – Air Flow (Original Mix)
Tectum – DMT
Tectum – Believe in Myself (Original Mix)
Erotic Dream – Big Red Bus
Time In Motion – Dirty Ink (Original Mix)
NOK, Dj Fabio, Moon – Head Cheka
A Plus A – After & Again
Jiser – Try
A Plus A – Almighty Anoubis
Kularis – Nasty Sun
Morten Granau & Phaxe – Long Story Short
A Plus A – Arctic Art

dj Caddyshack Mix

POB – The Awakening (Quietman Remix)
Niagra – Cloudburst (Part 1)
Push – Tranzy State of Mind
Sasha – Xpander (12″ Remastered Version)
Rex Mundi vs Ronski Speed – The Perspective Space (Mashup)
Skynet UK – Holdin’ On (Black Ice Mix)
Art of Trance – Madagascar (Richard Durrand Mix)
Schiller – Ein Sch ner Tag (Kaycee Michung)
Ascention – Someone (Space Brothers Dub)
Transa – Supernova

Psylence Guestmix Smiley Mike Progressive Psy and Caddyshack Classic Trance Anthems

This week we’re back to proper audio quality as the podcast server has been brought back to life. Older podcasts should be downloadable again, and the new podcasts are being posted to iTunes again. Not only that, but we kick off this week’s three hour show with a high-energy full on psytrance mix from live guest DJ Psylence, an up and comer from our very own Vancouver backyard.

Psylence Full On Psytrance Guestmix

krome angels – one shot
digital Tribe & High sense – high tribe
Fanalyze – Human beats
Ananda shake – love, secrets, & god
fanalyze & ultrapower – ultralyze
Spade – oblivious
ananda shake – Blow
ananda shake – ananda shake’s radio
bizarre contact – Xalala dance
The prodigy – omen (synsun remix)
Organic soup – surfin bird

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psytrance Mix

Side Effects – Single Reality (Original Mix)
Liquid Soul – Purity (Timelock Remix)
Ovnimoon, Via Axis, Lyctum, iTom Lab – Galactic Mantra (Lyctum Remix)
Ace Ventura – Presence (Interactive Noise Remix)
Ritmo, Egorythmia – Spin it (Gaudium Remix)
Ace Ventura, Rocky – Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix)
Sonic Entity – Parallel Reality (Original Mix)
Tectum – Synapse on C11 H15 NO2 Original Mix
Zyce – Fiction (Original Mix)
NOK, Dj Fabio, Moon – Head Cheka
Tectum – Believe in Myself Original Mix
Krama – Sunborn

dj Caddyshack Classic Trance Anthems Mix

We should all either spam Caddyshack with requests to submit his tracklist, or we could just fill this one out by ear given that his set has some of the most memorable and widely recognized trance anthems of all time.

dj Solitare Psytrance Guestmix

The sound quality isn’t the best this week, but it’s the best I could get given that the podcast server is down. This week we took over Bootlegs & B-Sides to make it a 3-hr show. Joining us for the second hour is Mark Ainley aka DJ Solitare who has been mixing psychedelic trance all over the world since the days of DAT tapes. If you dig his style, he has a few mixes up on Soundcloud just waiting for you to download them.

dj Smiley Mike Psygressive Mix

Gaudium – Torn Melodies
Funky Dragon – Who’s There (Smoke Sign, Solarix remix)
E-Clip – Moonsight
Egorythmia, E-Clip – Highest Technology (Original Mix)
Sunstryk. E-Clip – See Nature’s Kindness
Sonic Entity – Parallel Reality
Ghost Rider – Sweet Poison
Ovnimoon – The Liberation (Flegma Edit)
Zyce – Fiction (Original Mix)
Sonic Entity – Parallel Reality (Original Mix)
Fire Starter – Skydive (Original Mix)
Gaudium – Ssri

DJ Solitare Psychedelic Guest Mix

Tron – New Beginings
Juno Reactor – Mars (Masa Remix)
UX – Mind Over Gravity (Reloaded)
Graham Wood & Franco Rossi – Resurge (Alternate Mix)
Rigel – Spaceware
Joti Sidhu – Touch
Sonic Species – Generation X
DJ Solitare & Blue Lunar Monkey – Divine Connection
AMD – After Go

dj Smiley Mike Full On Mix

The podcast cuts out part way through this set…

Ovnimoon – The Holographic Sphere (Spirit Architect Remix)
Dickster, Avalon – Into the New World (Sonic Species Remix)
Journey – Ghost Radio (Original Mix)
Journey – Ghost Radio (Shalys Remix)
Aphid Moon & Lucas O’Brien – Hat Trick
Aphid Moon & The First Stone – Star Birth
Aquila & Evoice – Arrigato (Original Mix)
Astrix – Antiwar
Digicult & U-Recken – Into The Heartland

This is Psychedelic Trance

Psychedelic Trance Mix

Alter Nature – Serengeti (Original Mix)
Alter Nature – Bursting With Life (Original Mix)
AKD – New Style Reverse (Original Mix)
Ovnimoon & Zyce – Stereo Space (Ovnimoon Remix 2012)
Sideform – Psychedelic Future (Phaxe Remix)
Egorythmia – Black Hole
Fire Starter – Skydive (Original Mix)
Animalis – Cartoon (Kinesis Rmx)
Sonic Entity – Parallel Reality (Original Mix)
Ovnimoon & Flegma – Liberation (Flegma edit)
DJ Bim & Druckverdeler – Here Today and Gone Tomorrow (Rigel Rmx)
Side Effects – Single Reality (Original Mix)
Lupin – Musicologia (Original Mix)
Paralogue – Bird Planet (Original Mix)
Zen Mechanics – Ground Control V2 (Original Mix)

Bamboo Forest and Full On Psytrance

Bamboo Forest – Acoustic
Bamboo Forest – Morning Light
Bamboo Forest – Heavy Ride
Bamboo Forest – Shroeder Diffracteur
Existence & Braincell – Distant Galaxies
Braincell – Analog Force (Original Mix)
Holographic Brain – Eternal Life (Original Mix)
Journey & Monastic Squid – Itaca (Original Mix)
Dickster & Tron – Propaholic (Original Mix)
Ovnimoon & Cosmic Station – Other World