Steve Krueger Live Guestmix
Bangin at 132 and Below

So it sounds like I was long overdue getting Steve Krueger back in the studio. My how time flies. I kept looking over his shoulder during this set to see if he had boosted the tempo, because it just didn’t seem possible to bang this hard and still only be hovering around 132bpm. I might have to go record shopping now that I’ve had a peek at his tracklist.

Steve Krueger Live Guestmix

Mark Night feat Skin – Nothing Matters (Original Club Mix)
Andrew Bayer – Monolith
Eco – Echoes
Dakota – Koolhaus (Skytech Stadium Mix)
Weekend Heros – Fear Factor
Yura Moonlight – Predator
Sied van Riel – Tunnel Vision
John O’Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Ben Gold Festival Mix)
Steve Aries feat Lavoie – Dressed in White (Marcus Schulz Coldharbour Mix)
Leon Boiler & Marcus Schossow – 2099
Cosmic Gate – F.A.V.
Mr. Pit – Unchanged

dj Smiley Mike Mix

John Askew & Sean Tyas – Melbourne / Nail Gun (Chris & Matt Kidd’s Intro Mashup)
John Askew – Nail Gun (Greg Downey Remix)
John Askew – The Witch
Tilt – I Dream (Nick Rowland Mix)
Denga & Manus – Cenwen (Artur Obraans Remix)
ID – It Gets Sylo (djsm Mashup)
ID – El Meridian (djsm Mashup)
Prestige – Voyage
Fergie & Sadrian – Little Boy
Fergie & Sadrian – Little Boy (Sean J Morris Mix)
Frisky Warlock – Trespasser
Christopher Lawrence – Tremor
Christopher Lawrence – Faith in the Future

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Bangin at 132 and Below”

  1. Link is 404 for me : (

  2. dj Smiley Mike, on August 26th, 2012 at 10:10 am said:

    Hey J – the podcast server crashed last week and they lost some pods. I’m pretty sure I have a backup of this so I will get them to restore it. Thanks for the heads up! -djsm

  3. Thanks for sorting it, enjoying it now! :D

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