Guest Mix by Alexander Hamilton from Soundproof

Wow. It’s not like the show hasn’t been going on for the past couple months, it’s just that I haven’t updated the website. Head over to iTunes for all the podcasts. Here’s what went down on last week’s show!

Guest Mix by Alexander Hamilton of Soundproof

Danilo Ercole – Player One (Gai Barone)
Simon Templar – Meltwater (Part II)
Tiesto – Just Be
Existone – In Search of Light
B.E.N. – Raised
Marc Simz – Forbidden City
Sneijder – Shadow
Andrew Reyal – 550 Senta (Aether Mix)
Matt Bowdidge – No Room to Breathe

Progressive Psy-trance Mix by Smiley Mike

Lyctum – Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix) (Galactic Society)
Kota – On Ground (Progressive Pathways)
Lyctum – Exodus Mind (mashup)
Ectima & E-Clip – Crowd Control (Future Nature 2)
E-Clip & Egorythmia – New Level Of Equilibrium (mashup)
Echotek – The Storm Still Rage (Original Mix) (Goa Culture Vol.8 (Compiled by DJ Bim & Druckverdeler))
E-Clip – Over Tribe (remix)
Fatali – Space Designer (Alion Remix) (Space Designer – The Remixes)
Sub 6 – 7th Son (Ticon Remix) (Banel – 25 Years Anniversary)
Flexus – The Beginning (Goa Culture Vol. X)
Ace Ventura – Presence (Interactive Noise Remix / Album Version) (Memories)

DJ Solitare Retro Goa Guestmix plus DJ Caddyshack features Psychedelic Drum and Bass by Cybernetika

dj Solitare Retro Goa Set

The Infinity Project – Binary Neuronaut
Psychaos – Seti
Overlords – Naked People (Man with No Name Remix)
Space Tribe – Machine Elf
Total Eclipse – Aliens
Excess Head – Another Planet
Cydonia – Screaming Darkness
Prana – Moretsu (Inigo & Baraka Mix)

dj Caddyshack Psychedelic Drum and Bass Mix

These Cybernetika tracks are available for free download from Ektoplazm.

Cybernetika – Antares
Cybernetika – Star Child
Cybernetika – Hydroponica
Cybernetika – Vaporized
Cybernetika – Unleash
Vortech – Humanity Static (Cybernetika Remix)
Cybernetika – Devoid of Gravity

Aaron Olson Succumbs to the 303 followed by a dj Caddyshack Mix

Aaron Olson Mix

01. Andrey Subbotin & Anna Tarraste – Martini at Night
02. David Hopper & DMorse – Miami Road
03. Alex Ptiza – Atalon
04. Ethan – Rewind
05. Elmir PazyTron – About It
06. Archon & IgoRich – Hey Mom
07. Armosh – Entering
08. Julia Luna – Sunday
09. M’Dax – Rock It
10. DJ MEG – Calipso
11. Getting Over – Capital of the Rock
12. Ducked Ape – Le Dernier Soir (Tmare Remix)
13. pomDeter – Call Me A Hole
14. Yoondell – Modulation
15. Receptive & New World – Hope at Dawn (Pizz@dox Remix)
16. Glynn Alan – Unforgiven (Krysztof Chochlow Remix)
17. Paul Gallagher – From Above
18. DJ Generator – Something Cum Inside Me (Shaun T Remix)
19. Global State All Stars – Imagination (Aaron Olson Remix)

dj Caddyshack Mix

Da Hool – Meet Her at the Love Parade (Rel 1 Re-fix)
Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Rel 1 Re-rub)
Tiesto – Traffic (Bass King vs. X-Vertigo New Era Mix)
The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)
Tiesto & Diplo – C’mon (Rel 1 Re-fix)
DallasK – Crush (Rel 1)
Avicii – Levels (Skrilly Rub)
Rolvario & Moe Aly – Rockin’
Laidback Luke feat. Chuckie & Martin Solvei – 1234 (Rel 1 Re-rub)
Rel 1 – Show me love (2k12 Redub)
Basto & Ellie Goulding – I Rave on Lights (Meynard Macol Mashup)

Rainbow Bridge vs Aaron Olson vs Caddyshack

This week we had a ton of fun in the studio, cracking jokes about everything from the epic RCA incident to the long misunderstood 52nd footnote of Cafe del Mar by Energy. Don’t miss the banter this week, it’s almost as good as the tunage!

Rainbow Bridge Proper Techno Guestmix

I Know – Oliver Klein, Kolombo
Destiny (Cari Lekebusch’s 04:00 Remix) – Chris Colburn
Custom Illusion – Manic Brothers
This Is True House -David Amo, Julio Navas, Rober Gaez
Man On Moon – Rino Cerrone
The Showgirl – Alan Fitzpatrick
Tears Of Civet – Nicole Moudaber
Artica – Alex Bau
Special K (Shlomi Aber Remix) – DJ Sneak
Takin Ovah – Mikel Curcio
Cirez D – Cirez D
My House – UMEK, Mike Vale
Relentless – Pig & Dan
Gone Too Soon – Manic Brothers
Savage – Pig & Dan
The Color Out Of Space – Adam Beyer

Aaron Olson 85 Track Progressive Trance Guestmix

01. Mark Junior – The Rhythm
02. Nick York – Lost Inside
03. Anatoly Chizhov – Something
04. Artserver – Naiviti
05. Groove St’ 29 – Talking To the Other Side
06. Green Aqua – The Longest Day
07. Dynamik Dave – That’s What She Said
08. Dynamik Dave – Trainwreck
09. Coach N’ Sendo – Rival
10. Coach N’ Sendo – Blossom
11. Scott Attrill – Game Boy
12. Darjis & DJ Dezire – Relentless
13. Darryn McCallion feat. Sarah Griffin – Follow Me (Ollie Jaye Remix)
14. Arran Lee – Identity (Hendricks Mix)
15. Kamy Kei – Breeze
16. Aaron Olson feat. Jamie D – Tribal Dance

dj Caddyshack Breaks and Dirty Beats Mix

Yeah right. Like he submits a tracklist. You should be used to guessing by now.

Psylence Guestmix Smiley Mike Progressive Psy and Caddyshack Classic Trance Anthems

This week we’re back to proper audio quality as the podcast server has been brought back to life. Older podcasts should be downloadable again, and the new podcasts are being posted to iTunes again. Not only that, but we kick off this week’s three hour show with a high-energy full on psytrance mix from live guest DJ Psylence, an up and comer from our very own Vancouver backyard.

Psylence Full On Psytrance Guestmix

krome angels – one shot
digital Tribe & High sense – high tribe
Fanalyze – Human beats
Ananda shake – love, secrets, & god
fanalyze & ultrapower – ultralyze
Spade – oblivious
ananda shake – Blow
ananda shake – ananda shake’s radio
bizarre contact – Xalala dance
The prodigy – omen (synsun remix)
Organic soup – surfin bird

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psytrance Mix

Side Effects – Single Reality (Original Mix)
Liquid Soul – Purity (Timelock Remix)
Ovnimoon, Via Axis, Lyctum, iTom Lab – Galactic Mantra (Lyctum Remix)
Ace Ventura – Presence (Interactive Noise Remix)
Ritmo, Egorythmia – Spin it (Gaudium Remix)
Ace Ventura, Rocky – Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix)
Sonic Entity – Parallel Reality (Original Mix)
Tectum – Synapse on C11 H15 NO2 Original Mix
Zyce – Fiction (Original Mix)
NOK, Dj Fabio, Moon – Head Cheka
Tectum – Believe in Myself Original Mix
Krama – Sunborn

dj Caddyshack Classic Trance Anthems Mix

We should all either spam Caddyshack with requests to submit his tracklist, or we could just fill this one out by ear given that his set has some of the most memorable and widely recognized trance anthems of all time.