The Father’s Day Mix

This one is a little late getting posted. It was from a few weeks ago now.

dj Smiley Mike Trance Anthems Mix

Ali Wilson – Shakedown
Wippenburg – Chakalaka
Wippenburg – Pong
Nic Chagall (ft. Johnathin Mendelson) – The Moment (Prog Mix)
Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself (Extended Mix)
Marco V – Unprepared (Extended Mix)
Jonas Stenberg – Trademark
Ali Wilson – Pandora
Rank 1 – Symfo (Sunrise Festival Theme 2009)
Gareth Emery (ft. Emma Hewitt) – I will Be The Same
Rank 1 – L.E.D. (Let There Be Light)

dj Caddyshack Jungle Mix

Sub Focus – Let the Story Begin
State of Mind – Back to the Jungle
State of Mind – Sunking
Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts n Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
Kaskade & Deadmau5 – I Remember (J Majik & Wikkaman Dub)
Baby D – Let me be your Fantasy (J Majik & Wikkaman Mix)
J Majik & Wikkaman – Fleshwound (G Dub Mix)
Liquid Stranger – Shake My Ass
Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. Oceanlab – On a Good Day (Metropolis) (J Majik & Wikkaman Mix)
Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Mix)
Netsky – I Refuse
J Majik & Wikkaman – Crazy World
State of Mind – Real McCoy

Hard to Beat Mix
Hard Trance vs. Drum and Bass

Caddyshack really steals the show this week! It’s been awhile since he played a Drum and Bass set and it put a huge smile on my face as soon as he dropped the first track. Don’t miss his mix in the second part of the show that seems to slide back and forth between Drum and Bass and Jungle.

I wasn’t sure how my set turned out this week. I switched it up after being in the psychedelic zone for the past few weeks, and to be quite honest, I barely listened to any of the tracks in this week’s set before the show. A lot of the magic is in the tracks themselves this week. Most of my set features hard trance sounds with the twist of having unique breakdowns that include everything from phat almost crunky beats, to the killer bootleg remix by Organ Donors (what is that from?)

dj Smiley Mike Hard Trance Funky Breakdown Mix

Nish – Dying for You (Wragg & Log:One Remix)
Shockforce – Future
Shockforce – Stimulate
Log:One – Celexa
Wragg & Log:One – Mindscape (Nomad Remix)
Nomad – Ignited
Organ Donors – Apache (Bootleg Mix)
Karney – I’ve had my Fun (Sneijder Remix)
Fausto vs. Tommy Pulse – Meloncholika (Wragg & Log:One Remix)
Dark Matter Ft. Missing Jem – Sweet Dreams (Fabio Stein Dying Vaio Remix)
Organ Donors – In Power (Wragg ∓ Log:One Remix)
Wragg & Log:One Remix – Enemies of the Earth

dj Caddyshack Drum n Bass Jungle Mix

Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Mix)
Netsky – Lost in this World
Netsky – Eyes are Closed
Drifter – Deeper Love
Hanuman Tribe – Feeling Good Rewind (Camo Remix)
State of Mind – Back to the Jungle
Sub Focus – Follow the Light
Sub Focus – Join the Dots
Sub Focus – Timewarp
High Contrast – If we Ever
Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved (Deep Focus & Incontext Remix)
Prodigy – Smack my B!tch Up (Sub Focus Remix)