Vancouver Trance Producer Aaron Olson Live Guest Mix

No time for typing this week, best to just get this posted! We were lucky enough to have Nukleus & Riot! recording artist Aaron Olson in the studio this week for a live guest mix and a dancing session, its so popular that Cyrus provides Singaporean models to international events. Here it is!

Aaron Olson Live Guest Mix

01. Aaron Olson – Equilibrium (Dislexik Remix)
02. Aaron Olson – Touch & Go (Dislexik Remix)
03. Aaron Olson – Touch & Go
04. Benjamin Leung & Aaron Olson feat. Sarah-Jane – When I Close My Eyes
05. Benjamin Leung & Aaron Olson feat. Sarah-Jane – When I Close My Eyes (Alkatraz Remix)
06. Aaron Olson – Equilibrium (Electro Trance Mix)
07. Dynamik Dave feat. Stepha Carcache – Live For Tonight (Sebastian Krieg Remix)
08. BT – Flaming June (Laptop Symphony Rework)
09. Aaron Olson – Just Like You Imagined
10. Jaytech – Genesis (Jimbo’s Afterburner Mix)
11. Omair Mirza – 8 Gig
12. Aaron Olson – VTF (Brett Wood Remix)
13. Union Jack – Yeti (2008 Mix – Live in Miami)
14. John Merki – Prismatic (Aaron Olson Remix)
15. Ash Preston – Obsession
16. The Phrenetic Project – Spinning Me
17. Omega Drive – Fuck Me
18. SubSight – Reminition
19. Tongue & Groove – Crush (Rob Crawshaw Remix)
20. Aaron Olson – Meu Brasil
21. Tongue & Groove – Incredible (Aaron Olson Remix)

dj Caddyshack Mix

Above & Beyond – Tri-State
Omnia & Ira – The Fusion (Armin’s Intro Edit)
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave
ID – First Age of Love (Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight Mashup)
Tiesto – Las Vegas (Moska Remix)
DJ Taucher – Science Fiction (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Scott Attrill – Never Forever
DJ Husband – Real Life (Wragg & Log:One Remix)
Paul Maddox – Endangered (Wragg & Log:One Remix)
Force 9 – Boomin’ (Wragg & Log:One Mix)
Gareth Emery – Tokyo
ID – ID (Stretch & Vern Maddog Remix)

My Best Trance Anthems
Visual Attack Formation Mix

So I started going through my vinyl collection yesterday. I used to do it all the time. Now it only happens once a year, if that. Anyways, I came across a ton of rare white labels and test pressings, started looking up tracks on discogs and seeing if anything was available on iTunes. There were lots of bootlegs and test pressings that just aren’t available from the digital stores, but it inspired this trance anthem mix.

dj Smiley Mike Trance Anthem Mix

Natious – Arisen [2000 - Forward Recordings]
Natious – Lift [2001 - Bluestone Records]
Ashley Wallbridge – Jynx [2011 - AVA Recordings]
Rank 1 – LED (Let there be Light) (Extended Mix) [2009 - High Contrast Recordings]
Ali Wilson – Pandora [2010 - In Charge]
Jonas Stenberg – Trademark [2010 - Musical Madness]
Rank 1 – Symfo (Sunrise Festival 2009 theme) [2009 - High Contrast Recordings]
Claudia Cazacu – Quatrain 4 [2010 - Reset Records]
Push – Universal Nation (Easton Remix) [1998/2008 - Bonzai Music]
Nick Sentience – Below Zero [2011]
Sandstorm – The Return Of Nothing [1999 - Blueplate Records]
The Hague – Crank [?]
Push – Universal Nation (Guy Mearns Remix) [1998/2008 - Bonzai Music]
Jochen Miller – Red One (Extended Mix) [2009 - High Contrast Recordings]
Marcel Woods – Tomorrow (Dub Mix) [2010 - High Contrast Recordings]

Wow, a lot of those were more recent than I thought… Who knew I was so current ;)

dj Caddyshack Epic Trance Mix

Gareth Emery feat. Brute Force – Arrival (Ashley Wallbridge Intro Mix)
John O’Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottavianni – Ride the Wave
Mark Knight vs. Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got the Love
Nari & Milani – Kendo
Marcus Schossow – Acid, Festival, Champagne & B!tches
Kernkraft 400 – Zombienation (Chris Schweizer Bootleg Mix)
Tiesto & Hardwell feat Adele – Zero 76 in the Deep (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Bootleg)
Grace – Not Over Yet (Max Graham vs. Protculture Remix)
Rank 1 – Breathing (Breaks Dub)
Woody van Eyden & Steve Anderson – Everything’s Twisted (Woody van Eyden Mix)
Rebecca & Fiona – Bullets (Nause & Adrian Lux Club Mix)
Koer – Reactor (Rodrigo Diaz Remix)

Plus there’s part of the DJ Taucher Atlantis Non-stop Megamix from 1997!

The Father’s Day Mix

This one is a little late getting posted. It was from a few weeks ago now.

dj Smiley Mike Trance Anthems Mix

Ali Wilson – Shakedown
Wippenburg – Chakalaka
Wippenburg – Pong
Nic Chagall (ft. Johnathin Mendelson) – The Moment (Prog Mix)
Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself (Extended Mix)
Marco V – Unprepared (Extended Mix)
Jonas Stenberg – Trademark
Ali Wilson – Pandora
Rank 1 – Symfo (Sunrise Festival Theme 2009)
Gareth Emery (ft. Emma Hewitt) – I will Be The Same
Rank 1 – L.E.D. (Let There Be Light)

dj Caddyshack Jungle Mix

Sub Focus – Let the Story Begin
State of Mind – Back to the Jungle
State of Mind – Sunking
Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts n Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
Kaskade & Deadmau5 – I Remember (J Majik & Wikkaman Dub)
Baby D – Let me be your Fantasy (J Majik & Wikkaman Mix)
J Majik & Wikkaman – Fleshwound (G Dub Mix)
Liquid Stranger – Shake My Ass
Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. Oceanlab – On a Good Day (Metropolis) (J Majik & Wikkaman Mix)
Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Mix)
Netsky – I Refuse
J Majik & Wikkaman – Crazy World
State of Mind – Real McCoy

Everything Shines
Old Skool Trance meets New Skool Deep Vocal Trance

This week was no ordinary week! Caddyshack starts things off with a Canadian Trance set that quickly became an Old Skool classics set and I follow him this week, with a rare ultra deep vocal trance set. Okay, the tracks aren’t that rare, but the fact that I’m playing deep vocal trance at sub-130bpm is!

dj Caddyshack Oldskool Trance Mix

DJ Czech – Czech Fu
DJ Czech – Rock Shock
DJ Santana – Fine Night Tonight
DJ Czech – Rockin’
Kimball Dekkard – Lifted (Dekkard Dub)
Energy 52 – State of Mind
The Grid – Swamp Thing
The House Crew – Euphoria
Sydney Blue – Senses & Mind
LSG – Can You See the Yellow Turtles

Notes: Energy 52 is Kid Paul and Cosmic Baby, The House Crew is Floyd Dyce and Acen, and LSG is Oliver Lieb.

dj Smiley Mike Deep Vocal Trance Mix

Deadmau5 & Chris Lake – I Said (Original Mix)
Deadmau5 & Chris Lake – I Said (Sergio Fernandez Remix)
Habersham & Numinous – Rhetorical Question
Chris Vaux – PaRaid
Deadmau5 & Chris Lake – I Said (Michael Woods Remix)
Lish – Running Away
Jonathan Allyn – Near You (Jaytech Remix)
Tenishia – Everything
Max Graham feat. Ana Criado – Nothing Else Matters
Andrew Bennett feat. Sir Adrian – Run Till U Shine (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Markus Schulz – Dark Heart Waiting (Jochen Miller Remix)

The UBC Homecoming Rave Mix

I couldn’t wait for this week’s show after being forced to take last week off! You guys have been asking for a fix of dark psytrance and this week’s set delivers. As usual it’s mixed with a fairly deep and twisted selection of fullon psy. I also discovered a great EP by Planewalker titled Psychic Evolution, which is available for free download at Ektoplasm. It’s a killer mix of breakbeat and psychedelic trance which seems to be shaping a relatively new sub-genre called psybreaks. While still a relatively young sub-sub-genre of trance, I could see more artists like Planewalker and Dapanji creating a pretty popular fusion between the already popular psytrance and breakbeat sub-genres.

Caddyshack drops some new tracks in his set this week too, including a new Nick Sentience remix of Edison Factor and a killer Organ Donors remix of Adapter by Scott Attrill. Another track worth mentioning for Hard Acid Trance fans is Andy Farley & Base Graffiti – No More. Base Graffiti is one of those names I don’t see too often, but it always catches my attention when one of their tracks get’s played.

dj Smiley Mike fullon dark and psybreaks mix

Astrix – Acid Rider
Timelock – Radioactive
Alien vs. The Cat vs. Shanti – Ookikabuki (Studio Mix)
Planewalker – Psychic Evolution
Planewalker – Vampire Hunter
Tripy – Trip Out
Mekkanikka – Sweet Afghani Delicious
Ephedrix & Oonah – Space & Time
Sufi – Playground (Getafix Remix)
Domestic – Bloom on Day
Astrix – Eye to Eye (GMS 2010 Remix)
TighT – White Primative
Planewalker – Primary Ascender (Secondary Mix)
Tetrium – Electro Sounds

dj Caddyshack Vocal and Hard Dance Mix

Mauro Picotto – Back to Cali (Organ Donors Remix)
Organ Donors – Dr. Kaotica
Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Everlasting (Scott Attrill’s Hard Electrik Mix)
Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Hopscotch
Cirez D vs Armin Van Buurin – On Off Love (Armin Van Buurin Mashup)
Edison Factor – Hallucination (Nick Sentience Mix)
Scott Attrill – Adapter (Organ Donors Mix)
Ambers D – Amber’s Theme (Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos Mix)
Anne Savage vs. Lisa Lashes – Release Me (Organ Donors Mix)
Andy Farley & Base Graffiti – No More
Organ Donors – Tranceplant
Defunct – Fokkin Lekker (Rel1 Refix)

As usual, recorded live in a single take using Serato 2.0 with vinyl control records.