Inner Space
Thumpin Deep Trance Mix

I wasn’t sure what I was going to play this week until I was on my way to the studio – and then it all started to come together. This mix is still a work in progress, but I think it’s getting closer and closer to a polished deep trance set. I would love to hear some feedback on parts I should keep and parts I should rework.

dj SMiley Mike – Inner Space (Part 1) – Deep Trance DJ Mix

Leigh Brooks & Fabio Stein – Razor Edge
Jonathan Allyn – Taking Sides
Mike Nichol – Set in Motion
Mark Pledger & Mike Koglin – All the Way (Nick Larson Mix)
Union Jack – Triclops (Club Mix)
John ’00′ Fleming & The Digital Blonde – Solomate
Disco Hooligans – Hands Off
Fabio Stein & Claudia Cazacau – Cazakstein (Fabio Stein’s Simpler Mix)
Virtual Vault – Experience

dj Smiley Mike – Inner Space (Part 2) – Deep Trance DJ Mix

Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space
Nicholas Bennison – Spirit Chamber
Nicholas Bennison – Exocet (Bennison Rework)
Eddie Sender – Big Mistake
Mallorca Lee – Medication Vacation (Fabio Stein’s Uprise Re-interpretation)
Michael Lee – Everblue (Adam Foley Remix)
John Askew & Matt Hardwick – Slaves to the Machine (Liam Melly Remix)
Mike Nichol – Tweak
Roody Wittendoerfer – Anywhere But Here (DJ Space Raven Remix)
Christopher Lawrence & John ’00′ Fleming – Beyond the Limit (Deep Mix)
CRW – I Feel Love (P.H.A.T.T. Remix)
Kaylab – Here We Go (Jam-X Remix)

Mixed live using Serato 2.0 (SL-3) with vinyl control records on Technics 1200s.

Watch for the new Trancendance website coming soon!

New Trance Records for Father’s Day

What better gift for Father DJ than a trip to the record store. After starting a family I’ve been spending a lot less on records, but the owner at the record store still remembers me as his best Trance customer. I buy almost all my vinyl second hand. I believe if a track is really worth owning it should be timeless. 

After listening to a stack of about 75 trance records – 3 made the cut and came home to be added to the collection. Here are the worthy tracks:

Nick Sentience – Nick Sentience EP

A1 – Nick Sentience – Transcender
AA1 - Nick Sentience - Bring It On
Riot! Recordings - 2006 - RIOT!018

Both sides of this record are brilliant. Most of the time I’ll buy a record just for one track so when I get two playable tracks on the same record it’s like a 2 for 1 discount!

DuMonde aka JamX and De Leon – The Mixes Volume 02

A – Talla 2XLC – Love’s Coming Down (DuMonde Remix)
Access Tunes – 2000 – ACCESS-04-12 (Germany)

This is the money track. The flipside features JamX and De Leon Remixes of Harem Doctors – Heartbeat and Terra W.A.N. – Who’s Gonna Ease the Pressure, which might be okay tracks (I can’t remember) but I rarely play tracks that only run for half a record. I need as much time as I can get for the mix (and I hate it when I forget and the track plays over into the next song). 

Last but not least is another 2 for 1 deal with a Tribal-Trance sound…

Spider & Marc Van Bekkum – One

A – Spider & Marc Van Bekkum – One (Original Mix)
AA – Spider & Marc Van Bekkum – One (Tribe Tech Mix)
2Play Recordings – 2004 – 2PLAY007  (Netherlands)

A great Father’s Day Weekend trip indeed! You can hear all the new records in this Sunday’s Trancendance Podcast.