Possibly my Best Trance Mix in 6 Months

Well, it’s definitely better than most of the shows in the past 6 months. I’ve had some good parts of shows but there always seems to be some considerable screw-up that keeps me from posting the mix in the sidebar as a featured podcast.

The first mix is likely the shakiest and as the show goes on it just gets better and better until the last 45 minutes are really solid.

The first half is more deep pulsing layered trance that slowly builds. The second half is a little harder and a little more epic with some big ups and downs and several trance anthem remixes from over the years.

dj Smiley Mike Tracklist:

First Life – The Feeling the Day Before
POB & Taylor – Aura
Max Graham – Falling Together
Habersham & Numinous – Rhetorical Question – Chris Micrli Mix
dj Eyal – xtacy 1999
Don Grossinger – White Label
Judge Jules & BK – I Don’t Know
Cliff Tangredi – Shimmer

dj Caddyshack Tracklist:

Blue Amazon – No Other Love – Deniro Mix 1
White Label – Numb – Nick Muirs Mix
Spider vs Marc Van Bekkum – One – Tribe Tech Mix
Flash Brothers featuring Tiff Lacey – Stay – Noel Sanger Remix
Talla 2XLC – Love’s Coming Down – Dumonde Remix
Ian Van Dahl – Inspiration – Peter Luts Mix
Nick Sentience – Transcender
Paul Van Dyk – We Are Alive – Breathless Mix
Miss Shiva – Dreams – Humate Remix
Three Drives – Greece 2000 – Leama & James Davis Mix
Chac featuring Chilli Gold – 7 Years – Grinder Vox for the Box Remix

Classic Epic Trance Anthems

Sorry I missed last week’s show. This week was going to be a remix of three weeks ago but at the 11th hour I started pulling out records and the set seemed to be taking a more classic trance anthem feel. I’ve always had a handful of records that are brilliant but seemingly impossible to mix. This week I brought 5 or 6 of them and overall things didn’t go to badly. The first mix was a little forced but then things smooth out a little better. 

First Half

prism – innerscape (limbo records)
natious – sonic sunrise
mike hiratzka & justin scott dixon – two worlds (original mix)
seafield – feel free (white label promo)
opus 808 – don’t turn away (e.f.o. remix)
dj eyal – xtacy 1999 (phatt phunk records)
blue amazon – no other love (blue amazon’s new phase funk mix)
polar – polar south (koncept records)
dastrix – raw (red parrot recordings)
tomcraft – lonliness (club mix)

Second Half

dumonde – god music (euphonic mix)
three drives – greece 2000 (deniro remix)
talla 2xlc – love’s coming down (dumonde remix)
miss shiva – dreams (humate remix)
three drives – greece 2000 (farmatronic genetic mix)
transa – carla’s theme (hook recordings)
transa – enervate (hook recordings)
three drives – greece 2000 (leama & james davis remix)
transa – perpetua (hook recordings)
chac – 7 years (grinder vox for the box remix)

Killer Nukleuz Trance Mix

The first hour of this weeks podcast is almost entirely from the Nukleuz record label with the one exception being a Nick Sentience record from Riot Recordings. Nick Sentience is one of my favourite trance artists from the Nukleuz label and many of the Nukleuz tracks played in the first hour feature him. 

The second hour isn’t as smooth but it’s still not hard to listen to. The second hour features more layered trance with some tribal influence. 

New Trance Records for Father’s Day

What better gift for Father DJ than a trip to the record store. After starting a family I’ve been spending a lot less on records, but the owner at the record store still remembers me as his best Trance customer. I buy almost all my vinyl second hand. I believe if a track is really worth owning it should be timeless. 

After listening to a stack of about 75 trance records – 3 made the cut and came home to be added to the collection. Here are the worthy tracks:

Nick Sentience – Nick Sentience EP

A1 – Nick Sentience – Transcender
AA1 - Nick Sentience - Bring It On
Riot! Recordings - 2006 - RIOT!018

Both sides of this record are brilliant. Most of the time I’ll buy a record just for one track so when I get two playable tracks on the same record it’s like a 2 for 1 discount!

DuMonde aka JamX and De Leon – The Mixes Volume 02

A – Talla 2XLC – Love’s Coming Down (DuMonde Remix)
Access Tunes – 2000 – ACCESS-04-12 (Germany)

This is the money track. The flipside features JamX and De Leon Remixes of Harem Doctors – Heartbeat and Terra W.A.N. – Who’s Gonna Ease the Pressure, which might be okay tracks (I can’t remember) but I rarely play tracks that only run for half a record. I need as much time as I can get for the mix (and I hate it when I forget and the track plays over into the next song). 

Last but not least is another 2 for 1 deal with a Tribal-Trance sound…

Spider & Marc Van Bekkum – One

A – Spider & Marc Van Bekkum – One (Original Mix)
AA – Spider & Marc Van Bekkum – One (Tribe Tech Mix)
2Play Recordings – 2004 – 2PLAY007  (Netherlands)

A great Father’s Day Weekend trip indeed! You can hear all the new records in this Sunday’s Trancendance Podcast.