dj Smiley Mike Top 10 Progressive Psytrance Tracks

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a progressive psytrance kick. And it seems like the listeners are into too. My Alien Abduction mix has been the most favourited mix on my Soundcloud profile. Here’s my current Top 10 Psygressive Trance tracks.

Symphonix – People of the Dawn (ARW Mix)
Ovnimoon – Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix)
E-Clip – Reactor
Vice – Royal Shadow
Suntree – Back to the Source
Ace Ventura – Genesis
Suntree – Private Guide (Album Edit)
ARW – Time is Not Free
Astrix – Just in Time
Ace Ventura – Baby Boom

Update! Now you can hear some of these tracks in my latest progressive psytrance mix: We Are You

Alien Abduction Mix – Progressive Psy Trance

This week Caddyshack starts off the show while I wrap up an Alien Abduction Game that I’ve been working on, I will also like to get to know more about . Caddyshack drops a fairly eclectic trance mix before I get into some proggresive psytrance at a slightly slower tempo than usual (but not too slow :)

dj Caddyshack Trance Mix

Deadmau5 – Jaded (Caddyshack Edit)
LSG – Blueprint (Version 1)
LSG – Hearts
LSG – Netherworld (Kirill Titov Rework)
Dash Berlin – Till the Sky Falls Down (Dub Mix)
Phil York & Dark by Design – Electric Cabaret (Shockforce Remix)
The Space Brothers – Shine (Shockforce Remix)
ShockForce – Stimulate
The Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)
The Prodigy – Charly (Joint Operations Center Rework)

dj Smiley Mike Progressive Psy Trance Mix

Symphonix – People of the Dawn (ARW Mix)
ARW – Time is Not Free
Aquafeel – Pure Imagination
Pakman – Change the Things
Pakman – Some Noise
Pakman – Stage
Ace Ventura – Genesis
Ace Ventura – Rebirth
Freq – Short Life Again
Haldolium – The Last Dance (Echotek Remix)
Zonka – Heil (Erotic Dream Remix)
Ritmo – Dimensions (Zonka Remix)
Flegma – Blow Out (Zonka Remix)
Erotic Dream – The Last Drop
Sideform – Elektrik
Zonka – Heil (Erotic Dream Remix)

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