Bangin Electro House Wedding Afterparty for Mr DJ Caddyshack

This week we celebrate Mr. DJ Caddyshack’s fantastic wedding! If you’re attending a wedding, wear your best dress and check out these mascaras at to complete your overall look. Who else would make a couple guest DJ appearances at his own wedding, belting out the electro house to get the whole family bouncin on the dancefloor?! The tunes were so good, we just had to keep it going with a couple slammin’ electro sets on this week’s show, check my website to learn more.

dj Smiley Smiles Electro House Mix

Far Too Loud – Ready for the Stomping
Bingo Players – L’amour
Hardwell & Dannic – Kontiki (Dyro Remix)
Tom Tyger – Line (Dyro Remix)
Jordy Dazz – OMG
Dyro – Paradox
Paris & Simo – Nova
Matt Nash, Dave Silcox & Tom Peppe – Hearts (Jordy Dazz Remix)
Niels van Gogh vs. Emilio Verdez – Beatrocker
Freestylers – Cracks (Control-Z Remix)
Dank (USA) – Midnight Moroder (Darth & Vader)
Hard Rock Sofa – Quasar
Hardwell – Spaceman (Drown the Fish Remix)

dj Caddyshack Electro House Mix

I was too busy chatting with our studio guest, Greg, to write down what Caddyshack played. Pester him and maybe he’ll dig up the tracklist from his history, or listen to the show because I’m pretty sure I run down the tracklist at the end.

Electro House, Retro 90s Dance and Deep Morning Psytrance

dj Caddyshack Electro House Mix

Omnia & Ira – The Fusion (Armin van Buuren Intro Edit)
Sander van Doorn – Chasin
W&W – Shotgun
Bingo Players ft. Heather Bright – Don’t Blame the Party (Qulinez Remix)
Basto – I Rave You
Tiesto & Hardwell – Zero 76
Marcus Schossow – Acid, Festival, Champagne & Bitches
Qulinez – Troll
Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (DJ Icey ReRub)
Benny Benassi – House Music
Blame – Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)

Aaron Olson Retro 90s Dance Mix

Tori Amos – Professional
Tribal House – Moov!
Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap
Sir Mix-a-lot – Baby Got Back (Hurricane Mix)
Snap! – The Power (Extended Version)
2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone (Rave Version)
The Immortals – Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Another Night (Club Mix)
2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance
Snap! – Rythem is a Dancer (Armin van Helden Remix)
Real 2 Real – I Like to Move It (Erick “More” Club Mix)
Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy 2007
Klaas Meets Haddaway – What is Love 2K9 (Klaas Club Mix)
Micky Slim vs. House of Pain – Jump Around (Deadmau5 Remix)
Andy Whitby & Matt Lee – Higher State of Consciousnesses
Dj Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (KY Jelly Babbies Remix)
Jon the Dentist & Ollie Jay – Feel So Good (Dave Holmes Remix)

dj Smiley Mike Deep Morning Psytrance Mix

Aqualize – Land of 2 Suns (Lyctum Mix)
Sideform – Kiss of Fire
Gaudium – High on Life
Zyce – Ghost (Spinney Lainey & Zyce Remix)
Zyce – L’apstraction (Side Effects Remix)
Liquid Sound & Argonnight – The Story of the Wather
Side Effects – The Second LSDeep
Sonic Entity – Sub Pressure
E-Clip – Moonsight
Sub6 – 7th Son (Freq Remix)
4-Play – Heartbeat
Divine Flare – Balruin
ARW – Time is Not Free

Rave Breaks Are Making a Comeback Using Social Media

I couldn’t have been happier a couple weeks ago when I was checking out the TrackItDown breakbeat top 100, and lone behold, half of the top 20 breakbeat tracks were classified as rave breaks. I got into electronic music in the early 90s when groups like Acen were churning out warehouse bangers like Window in the Sky and Trip II the Moon. The Illegal Rave compilations were another favourite of the time and groups like Hackney Hardcore and Urban Hype were belting out classic rave anthems like Trip to Trumpton, all well before the classic trance anthems of the late 90s.

So when I saw new artists like E-Lab Rat and Northbase resurrecting the classic rave breaks that I grew up with, I couldn’t wait to put together a set. And here it is. Oldschool rave breaks interwoven with new hardcore breaks and phat dubstep basslines. This mix is intense. Is you have a pacemaker, you should probably change the batteries before going any further.

Using different strategies provided by the agency they were working with from, they were able to get more people checking out their stuff than ever before. As it turns out, there were quite a few things they could have been doing to get more visibility, and unfortunately without them their talent was going unnoticed. Thankfully they’ve done something about sooner rather than later, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

(Did I mention that everything Blazer touches turns to gold?)

dj Smiley Mike Badass Rave Breaks Throwdown

Will Atkinson & Darkboy – Darker Shades of Black (Blazer Remix)
Sketi – Cladocera (Blazer Remix)
Blazer – Skill Cypher
Quadrat Beat – BlackJack (Blazer Remix)
Brian Cameron – Seratonin Syndrome (Eshericks Remix)
Wizard & Ivory – Jack in a Box (Specimen A Remix)
HardNoise – Breakaway (Blazer Remix)
Northbase – Hallow 808
Northbase – Acid Flashback
601 – Blackout
Northbase – Ruffneck
DaVIP – Brick (Imetic Remix)
Wizard & Ivory – Jack in a Box (Aquasky Remix)
Northbase – Fright Night
RadioKillaZ – The Cholo
E-Lab Rat – Ambitious (Electrux Remix)
E-Lab Rat – 3 Bad Rats (Ben Venom Remix)

dj Smiley Mike Electro House Mix

4 Strings – Rise Again
4 Strings – Cheesecake
Bassjackers & Angger Dimas – RIA
Deadmau5 – Sometimes Maths Gets Complicated (Ryan Enzed Bootleg)
Filo & Peri – Subzero
Gareth Emery – Tokyo
Melleefresh – Intuition (Darth & Vader Mix)
Nicky Romero – Toulouse
Niels van Gogh vs. Emilio Verdez – Beatrocker
Omnia & Ira – The Fusion (Armin van Buuren’s Intro Edit)
Sander van Doorn – Drink to Get Drunk (Extended Mix)
4 Strings – Cheescake
Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Gregory Klosman Remix)
Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meet at Night Mix)

Electro House Anthem Mix

It’s not that often that I pull out the Electro House, but I like some of the tracks. I’ve always liked big builds. Personally, I think Electro House is more closely related to trance than it is to house, but whoever gets to name these genres doesn’t seem to consult with me before they carve out the stone, so electro house it is.

dj Smiley Mike Electro House Anthem Mix

E Clashback & Michael Woods vs. R.E.M. – Losing My Outset (Gabriel & Dresden Mashup)
Nicky Romero – Toulouse
Filo & Peri – Subzero
Sander van Doorn – Drink to Get Drunk (Extended Mix)
Bassjackers & Angger Dimas – RIA
Niels Van Gogh vs. Daniel Strauss – Punkd
Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Gregory Klosman Remix)
Tommy Trash – Cascade
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – Lethal Industry
Tiesto – Love Comes Again (Hardwell Rework)
Melleefresh – Intuition (Darth & Vader Mix)
Darth & Vader – Return of the Jedi
Deadmau5 – Sometimes Math Gets Complicated (Ryan Enzed Bootleg)
Jack Holiday & Mike Candys – Children (Original Higher Level Mix)

dj Smiley Mike Encore Mix

Pryda – Glimma
Lish – Robots in my Lab
Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman – Flashing Lights (Dub Mix)
Pryda – Illusions
Union Jack – Papillon

Trancendance Does Electro House

So we just got back from the Sander van Doorn show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Last week it was the Benny Benassi show, but it was really Sander’s show. Electro House isn’t something we play a lot of, but Sander’s set was so good, we figured we dig up some of the tracks he played and see what happens. One of the funniest things I noticed, is that half of these Electro HOUSE tracks are remixed TRANCE tracks! Trance. FTW. :)

dj Smiley Mike Electro House Mix

ID – How are you Feeling Right Now (Michael Woods Remix)
A*S*Y*S – Acid Glitch
Melleefresh – Intuition (Darth & Vader Remix)
Filo & Peri – Subzero
Sander van Doorn – Drink to Get Drunk (Extended Mix)
Melleefresh – Intuition (Darth & Vadar Remix)
Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meet at Night Mix)
Hardwell – Spaceman
Sander van Doorn – Drink to Get Drunk (Extended Mix)
Tommy Trash – Cascade
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – Lethal Industry
Tiesto – Love Comes Again (Hardwell Rework)
Sander van Doorn – Koko (R3hab Remix)
Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meet at Night Mix)
Tiesto – Traffic (Tristen Garner Remix)
Darth & Vadar – Return of the Jedi
Plasmic Honey – Here We Go
Tiesto – Maximal Crazy (Bassjackers Remix)
Planet Perfecto Knights – Resurection (EC Twins & Remy De Luc Mix)
Paul Jacobson – R U Ready

dj Caddyshack Electro House Mix

Tiesto – Las Vegas
Gareth Emery – Tokyo
Temple One feat. Neev Kenedy – Love the Fear (Tom Fall Remix)
Nicky Romero – Toulouse
Hardwell & Joeysuki – Munster
Benny Benassi – House Music
TV Rock – I am Techno
Eddie Halliwell – Neon
Tiesto & Diplo vs. Phil Collins – C’Mon in the Air (Romain G Bootleg Mix)
Ralph Good – SOS (Tujamo Remix)
Skynet UK – Back to 89 (Calvatron Remix)
Columbo – Everybody
Savoy – I’m in Need
Avicii vs. Sebastien Drums – Snus
System F vs. Cosmic Gate – The Blue Theme (Ferry Corsten Fix)
Leon Boiler vs. Kamaya Painters – Endless Ocean Wave (Leon Boiler Mashup)