Sonic BoOOm
The Fullon Psychedelic Trance Mashup Mix

I’m slowly catching up after being pretty slack for a few weeks. This week CJ from the CiTR News program dropped by, Caddyshack called in sick at the last minute and Sid JUST DIDN’T SHOW UP! (Hopefully he reads this ;) Sorry about the shouting.

This week was full on psytrance, and despite having set aside some Misted Muppet, the set turned out to be some of my all time favourite psytrance tracks, especially psytrance mashups.

dj Smiley Mike Full On Pstrance Mashup Mix

Rastaliens & Avalon – Ufoff
Bamboo Forest – Voyager (Solar System Remix)
XSI & Mad Maxx – Bass Monkey
Dapanji vs. Crazy Tone – Dance 2da Music
Inner Action – Distortion
Gataka – Desert Wind
Alien Project – Deeper
Avalon – Teleporter
Quadra – We Shall Overcome
Quadra – Back Again
Mekkanikka – Black Jack
System Nipel – Mad World
Save the Robot – What the Funk

I slowed things down for the second half of the show, but after a few deep psy tracks, took a sharp left with a dubstep track before swinging into the classic trance with a couple favourites. CJ said he liked the vocal stuff, of which I don’t have a lot, but managed to pull out a couple to round off the set.

dj Smiley Mike All Over the Place Mix

Logic Bomb – Checksum
Zyce & Flegma – Pressure (Yokain Remix)
Slow Bit – Clavia
Sideform – Web of Life (Float Remix)
Elite Force – Calypso (Datsik & Excision)
Union Jack – 2 Full Moons & a Trout (Orkidea Remix)
Push – Universal Nation (Easton Remix)
Gareth Emery – Tokyo (Ben Gold Remix)
Gareth Emery – I Will Be the Same (feat. Emma Hewitt)
Kernkraft 400 – Zombienation (Chris Schweizer Bootleg Mix)
Andrew Bennett – Run Till U Shile (Cosmic Gate Mix)

Oldschool 90s Acid Trance Mix

Caddyshack and I went to see Paul van Dyk at the Commodore last Friday, and he dropped this crazy acid 303 build that went on for a good three minutes before finally crashing in. It reminded me of the version of Aldo Bender’s Acid Enlightenment that was on Fatboy Slim’s On the Floor at the Boutique, but heavily remixed.

And so it started me digging through the record collection and tracking down a few lost classics. These tracks are from some of my favourite rave memories.

(And, yes… I’m way behind on posting the last couple tracklists. Life’s been busy, but this one just couldn’t get missed!)

dj Smiley Mike Oldschool 90s Acid Trance Mix

Cores – Matabu (Part 2) || Noom Records 1996
Pablo Gargano – Pink Fluyd || Eve Records 1995
Solar Quest – Acid Air Raid (George’s All Nighter) || Choci’s Chewns 1994
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye || 1995 Re-released on Noom Records in 1999
Aldo Bender – Enlightenment (dj Smiley Mike Bootleg Mix) || React America 1996
Angel of Death – Angel of Death (Tracid Mix) || Tracid Traxxx 2001
Kai Tracid – Liquid Skies (Polaris Lab. Mix) || Suck Me Plasma Records 1998
Mana – Psionic (Arrakis Remix) || Fluid Recordings 1999
Kai Tracid vs. Kan Cold – Untitled || White Label
Yoda – Definitely (Kai Tracid vs. Sunbeam Mix) || Netrecord-Z 2001
X-Cabs – Neuro 98 (Kai Tracid Mix) || Orbit Records 1998

dj Caddyshack Dirty Trance Mix

Caddyshack played some stuff too. Although I didn’t write it down, because I’ve been pretty lazy this past couple weeks. However, I know he played the Deadmau5 – Psynapse intro track, and then later in his set he player the Armin van Burren Intro mix of Omnia & IRA – The Fusion and then a little later he played a couple tracks by Crystal Method followed by a couple tracks by The Loops of Fury. I ran down what he played in the full podcast.

Fear and Loathing in Vancouver
Full On Psytrance and Classic Trance

This one is way overdue! It must have been a busy couple weeks!

dj Smiley Mike Full Full On Psytrance Mix

Impulser – World Creator
Frenessy – Twisted on DMT
Lamat – Fearless
Lamat – Airwalker
Dejavoo – Loud & Nasty
FFT & Frenessy – Unity of Science
FFT & Crank – Do Your Worst
Logic Bomb – The Grid
Lamat – CPC
Smosh & Lamat – The Oz
Electric Universe – Tune Up
Lamat – Fenix
Logic Bomb & Syrus the Virus – Virtuosso (Didrapest Remix)
Lamat – Supernatural
FFT & Frenessy – Psychedelic System
Gataka – Higher Lever

dj Caddshack Classic Trance Mix

Ayla – Angelfalls
Rod-y-ler – Life Signs (Bryan Kearney Planet Love Mashup)
Major League – Wander
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave
Leon Boiler vs. Kamaya Painters – Endless Ocean Wave (Leon Boiler Mashup)
John O Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottavian – Ride the Wave (Will Atkinson Remix)
System F vs. Cosmic Gate – The Blue Theme (Ferry Corsten Fix)
Southside Spinners – Lovestruck 2011 (Tony Tweaker)
Rank 1 – Breathing (Breaks Mix)
Crystal Method – Cherry Twist

Spirit Warriors
Deep Morning Psychedelic Trance

My post heading is a bit self-centred this week. It doesn’t really reflect Caddyshack’s set at all, but rather totally focusses on mine. At some point it gets hard to come up with a title that covers everything, especially when Caddyshack plays a set like he did this week: a little bit of everything!

dj Smiley Mike Deep Psytrance Mix

Gaudium – High on life
Alion – Free Form
Gaudium – I’ve Got Something
Vertical Mode – Deep Vibration
Gaudium – Blue Lights
Skazi – Warrior (Atmos Remix)
Skazi – Warrior (Dubstep Remix)
Liquid Soul – Devotion (Protoculture Remix)
Vertical Mode – Pull Me Down
Gaudium – A Smile on your Face Makes you More Beautiful
Gaudium -Teknobonk
Vertical Mode – Twist Me Up
Odiseo – Flow (Invisible Reality Remix)
Alion – Bliss
Sub6 – Twenty o Six
Normalize – Brain Damage
Nick Sentience – Sakura
John ’00′ Fleming & Digital Blonde – Planebrain
Injection – Domino Effect

dj Caddyshack Epic Trance Mix

Deadmau5 – Jaded (Caddyshack Edit)
Eric Prydz – 2Night
Pryda – Illusions
Donatello – Traffic
Gareth Emery – Tokyo
Darude – Tell Me
Tiesto – Sparkles (Transa Remix)
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave
Rank 1 – Breathing (Breaks Dub)
Gareth Emery vs. Eurythmics vs. Adele – Rolling in the Sweet Arrival (Christian K. Mashup)
Push vs. Dash Berlin – Till the Universal Nation Falls Down
DJ Tiesto – Suburban Train
Triple Agent – The Operator
Plump DJs – Light Fantastic
Feed Me & Tasha Baxter – Cloudburn
Pryda – Mirage

Full on Psytrance featuring DNA and Mystery Epic Trance

Yikes, I’m late posting this week’s tracklist and I have no idea what Caddyshack played this week! Here’s the tracklist for my full on psytrance set.

dj Smiley Mike Full on Psytrance Mix

Ital – State of Mind
Ital – Mex
Quantum – Expose
Quantum – Shakti Pat
Digicult & U-Recken – Into the Heartland
Sub6 – Droid Save Da’ Qween (DNA Remix)
Space Cat – Day Breaks (DNA Remix)
Soniq Vision – Africana
Planet Ben & Insonic – Lethal Industry
Intelligence – Liquid & Solid
Psycraft & Dali – Memories Inside (DNA Remix)
Mystical Influence – Power for the Music (dj Smiley Mike Dubstep Mashup)
The Freak Show – Fuego de la Rumba
Hemisync – Living the Dream
Injection – Domino Effect

dj Caddyshack Epic Trance Mix

I have no freakin’ idea what he played last week. I’ll just call it a super secret tracklist :)