Rippin Acid Trance Mix


John 00 Fleming – Healing (djsm Bootleg Mix)
John 00 Fleming – 1440 Minutes
Christopher Lawrence – Gotham (Jay Selway & Magnus Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Libra
Christopher Lawrence – Libra (Lisa Lashes Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Ok to Go (Des Mcmahon Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence – Beyond The Limit (Reaky Remix V1)
John 00 Fleming & Lyctum – Colliding Galaxies
Lisa Lashes – ARPwave
CBM & Cowboy Mike – Motion Emotion (djsm Extended Bootleg)
Christopher Lawrence – Tremor (Original Mix)
Christopher Lawrence – Faith in the Future (Original Mix)
Nick Sentience – Expand Your Mind
Christopher Lawrence – Whatever You Dream (Active Limbic System Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence – Beyond The Limit (Nick Sentience Mix)
Christopher Lawrence – Whatever You Dream (Mechanimal Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Whatever You Dream
Nick Sentience – Sub Atomic (EP)
Nick Sentience – Nocturnal (Original Mix)
Splattered Implant – Twisted
Nick Sentience & Paul Robertson – Sylo (Original Mix)
Christopher Lawrence – The Dark
Nick Sentience – Transcender
Nick Sentience – Bring it On
Praga Khan – Injected With a Poison (BK & Nick Sentience Remix)

Interview with Dark Arps and MUX before Sequential Circus 14

This week we broke free of our usual uninterrupted mix format, taking time to talk with Dark Arps and MUX, two of the Live PA acts featured on the upcoming Sequential Circus 14 lineup.

(For the full audio podcast, click the link at the bottom of this post)

Despite a few technical challenges, we managed to cover quite a bit of ground… Dark Arps has fairly recently relocated to Vancouver, Canada after a 17 year stint in the UK where he toured extensively as part of 10-piece breakbeat orchestra, Keiretsu. Clearly he’s spent a significant amount of time evolving his sound which blends breaks, progressive house and sweeping atmospheric sounds.

Dark Arps in his intelligent light suit (v2.0), with version 3.0 ready for debut this week!

MUX has been on hiatus for roughly 5 years (living on a sailboat off the coast of Mexico) and in addition to talking about the birth of Sequential Circus, tells us how, with the help of a Windows 95 machine, he continues to deliver screeching acid lines in every track he performs (Hint: Nord).

MUX rockin’ the Skytrain at the Robot Uprising party.
Photo credit: Matthew Trentacoste

I could have talked with these guys for days longer, and we will… as Sequential Circus continues to evolve. We also could have played tracks from both of these guys for hours on end, and so you will hear more of their material in the coming weeks and months.

Sequential Circus 14 happens this Saturday January 25th at Open Studios in Vancouver.

Plus, don’t miss the debut of the new daytime portion of Sequential Circus; a partnership with the Vancouver Producers Forum to bring you an afternoon of talks, workshops and panel discussions from veteran live performers. If you’re a live-pa artist, a producer interested in taking things live, or even just a fan who’s curious about what’s going on under the hood, this will be an excellent session of tips, tricks and techniques for live-pa performance.

31 Tracks in Two Hours
Hard Epic Trance on the Psy Tip

Wow! Can’t believe I made it. Somehow I managed to squeeze 31 tracks into this week’s two-hour show. As promised, here’s the tracklist:

Reaky – Magnum Orca (Activa Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Libra (Lisa Lashes Mix)
Christopher Lawrence – Libra
Perception – You Are Here (Liam Wilson Presents)
Solarstone & Scott Bond – 3rd Earth (Heatbeat Remix)
Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson – Beat Dem Bad
Oberon – Electric Chair
Nick Callaghan – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Reaky – Magnum Orca (Christopher Lawrence & Sean J Morris Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Faith in the Future (Original Mix)
Nick Sentience – Expand Your Mind
Liam Wilson – Reon (Nick Sentience Remix)
Oberon – Stabilised
Arisa & Colak – What Lies Within (Nick Sentience Remix)
Nick Sentience – Shoreline
Oberon – Dangerous Journey
Oberon – Danger Ahead
Liam Wilson – Temptation (Original Mix)
Polaris – Find the Passage
Polaris – Reactivity
Fergie & Sadrian – Little Boy (Sean J Morris Mix)
Christopher Lawrence – Libra (Stephane Badey Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Ok to Go (Liam Wilson Remix)
Aaron Olson feat. Sarah-Jane – Walking on Fire (Nick Sentience Remix)
Sean J. Morris – Earth (Jonathan Allyn Remix)
Sean J. Morris – Earth
Nick Sentience – Freefalling (feat. Lizzie Curious) [Original Mix]
Ross Anderson & Nick Rowland – Ignite (Estigma Remix)
Nick Sentience – Sub Atomic
Nick Sentience – Below Zero
Christopher Lawrence & John ’00′ Fleming – Beyond the Limit (djsm Remix)

Oldschool 90s Acid Trance Mix

Caddyshack and I went to see Paul van Dyk at the Commodore last Friday, and he dropped this crazy acid 303 build that went on for a good three minutes before finally crashing in. It reminded me of the version of Aldo Bender’s Acid Enlightenment that was on Fatboy Slim’s On the Floor at the Boutique, but heavily remixed.

And so it started me digging through the record collection and tracking down a few lost classics. These tracks are from some of my favourite rave memories.

(And, yes… I’m way behind on posting the last couple tracklists. Life’s been busy, but this one just couldn’t get missed!)

dj Smiley Mike Oldschool 90s Acid Trance Mix

Cores – Matabu (Part 2) || Noom Records 1996
Pablo Gargano – Pink Fluyd || Eve Records 1995
Solar Quest – Acid Air Raid (George’s All Nighter) || Choci’s Chewns 1994
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye || 1995 Re-released on Noom Records in 1999
Aldo Bender – Enlightenment (dj Smiley Mike Bootleg Mix) || React America 1996
Angel of Death – Angel of Death (Tracid Mix) || Tracid Traxxx 2001
Kai Tracid – Liquid Skies (Polaris Lab. Mix) || Suck Me Plasma Records 1998
Mana – Psionic (Arrakis Remix) || Fluid Recordings 1999
Kai Tracid vs. Kan Cold – Untitled || White Label
Yoda – Definitely (Kai Tracid vs. Sunbeam Mix) || Netrecord-Z 2001
X-Cabs – Neuro 98 (Kai Tracid Mix) || Orbit Records 1998

dj Caddyshack Dirty Trance Mix

Caddyshack played some stuff too. Although I didn’t write it down, because I’ve been pretty lazy this past couple weeks. However, I know he played the Deadmau5 – Psynapse intro track, and then later in his set he player the Armin van Burren Intro mix of Omnia & IRA – The Fusion and then a little later he played a couple tracks by Crystal Method followed by a couple tracks by The Loops of Fury. I ran down what he played in the full podcast.

Full On Psytrance and Genre Defying Trance Breaks

This week’s show is killer! After a few weeks of less “full on” trance, this set is full of hard, ripping psychedelic trance. Caddyshack defies the genre boundaries again with a mix of trance, breakbeat and dubstep. This is definitely one to throw on the iPod!

dj Smiley Mike Full On Psytrance Mix

Point – Access
Allaby – Imaginarium (Burn in Noise Remix)
Hemisync – Living the Dream
Mad Maxx & S-Range – Made of Stars
The Commercial Hippies – Like I do (Broken Toy Remix)
Point & Orpheus – Tanuja Dancing
Astrix & Sub6 – Control Me
Point – Alien Intelligence
GMS & Alien Project – At the End of a Rainbow (Mad Maxx Remix Part 2)
Aphid Moon & Lucas – We Are Your Friend
Intelligence – Liquid & Solid
Aphid Moon – Hadron
F.F.T & Crank – Do Your Worst
F.F.T – OS 12
F.F.T – The Network
Aphid Moon & The First Stone – Loom

dj Caddyshack Trance Mix

Deadmau5 – Jaded (Caddyshack Edit)
Pryda – Mirage
Pryda – Illusions
Colombo – Everybody
ID – Game Over (DJ Icey Mix)
ID – Feel It
Far Too Loud – Wake Up LA
Tiesto – Maximal Crazy
Dave 202 – Generate the Wave
Joshua Ryan vs. Marcel Woods – Cherry Whip (Marc Eteson Bootleg Mix)