Dawn of Summer
PsyTrance and Classic Rave Tunes

BAD AUDIO! – This week’s podcast has a terrible problem with the audio feed. Sorry everyone. Should be fixed in time for next week’s broadcast.

My featured artists this week are Ephidrex, a Psy Trance group from Mortsel, Belgium comprised of Jochem Peeters & Joris Marckx. These guys have several releases on Dacru Records, a psy-trance label located in Ghent, Belgium that’s managed by Koen Van Cauwenbergh (Eskimo) and Bert De Decker, better known as DJ Nemesis. I happened across Dacru Records after tracking down releases from Electro Sun, a psy-trance DJ from Beer Sheva, South of Israel, who happens to be my other featured artist this week.

Caddyshack pulled out some tracks that date back, even before the classics, to early rave tracks. Cosmic Baby’s Space Track is unmistakable – but Caddyshack pulls another surprise remix intro! An interesting note on Cosmic Baby – Harald Blüchel was born at Feb 19, 1963 in Nuremberg, and classically trained as a concert pianist who began playing at the Nuremberg Conservatory when he was only 7 years old!

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dj Smiley Mike Psy Trance Set:

Ephedrix – Evolving Moods (Chronos Remix)
Peace Maker – Japanese Tours
Timelock – Radio Active
Talamasca feat. Nomad – The Awakening
Silicon Sound – Pure Reality (Ephedrix Remix)
Ephidrex & Aquila – 10 Miles Out (Lamat Remix)
Protoculture – Magnetik (Ephidrex Remix)
Electro Sun & Brain Damage – Hypnotic Voices
Electric Sun – Double Trouble
Hunab Tech & Antigravity – Nitro (Lamat Remix)
Dapanji – The Dog is Talk
Dapanji vs. Crazy Tone – Dance 2da Music
Lamat & Han Solo – Next Generation of Science
Visual Contact vs. Electro Sun – Facing the Future

dj Caddyshack Deep Trance Mix:

Cosmic Baby – Space Track (Caddyshack Edit)
Sasha – Xpander
Sydney Blu – Senses and the Mind (Original Mix)
Energy 52 – State of Mind
The Grid – Swamp Thing (Grid Southern Comfort Mix)
The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream Remix)
Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Man with No Name Remix)
Union Jack – Tryclops
Union Jack – Funnelweb
Union Jack – Vowel
Union Jack – Two Full Moons and a Trout (Orkidea Remix)

Early Rave Trance

This week’s show is a little different than usual. It’s continuous but not mixed and the tracks come from early rave compilation CDs. These are tracks that influenced me in my early rave days.

Warning: This week’s show contains coarse language!

Classic Rave Anthems Tracklist:

Dance 2 Trance – Power of American Natives
Channel X – Rave the Rhythm
Acen – Window in the Sky
Ayahuasca – Heliotropic Twist
The Prodigy – Charly
Man with No Name – Sugar Rush
Man with No Name – Adrenosphere
Ayahuasca – Psychopharm
The Infinity Project – Ego Shredder

Nukleuz Rave Energy Set

This week’s Trancendance podcast is a full 2 hours of Nukleuz records mostly featuring the handiwork of Hard Trance genius Nick Sentience. It’s not a perfect set but it felt like there were more good parts than bad parts. It might not make it into the featured podcasts widget but I say it’s worth a listen.

One of my complaints has always been that it’s hard to find DJ mix CDs (back then it was mix tapes) that captured the high energy non-stop beats that I heard at raves. The mix tapes I found were good – they just lacked the relentless energy of some of my favourite DJ performances. This set is pretty relentless so hopefully a few of you will come out of it like I did – wondering were you are!


Tunnel ElectroCity Polish Music Festival

Tunnel ElectroCity Lubiąż 2007, originally uploaded by marcus.s.

Tunnel ElectroCity is a massive electronic music festival in Poland. This laser-lightshow picture is from last year’s show. This year Tunnel ElectroCity will be on August 14, 2008 featuring headline DJs Mauro Picotto and Marco V among many others. Chicane and Booka Shade will perform live electronic sets. If you can read polish check out the Official Tunnel ElectroCity Website