So Close to Being a Mix CD

This is supposedly the last Nukleuz Records set for awhile. I don’t know if I can stick to my promise or not. I don’t want to subject you guys to the same tracks week after week, but after giving the first hour a second listen this morning I was pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot of decent mixing in the first hour (I’m a perfectionist so you won’t often hear me praise my own mixing) but I was pretty disheartened after the first colossal trainwreck. It wasn’t so much a trainwreck of a mix as the golden mistake of cuing the record with the level all the way up. Argh!

I find at the radio station I’ve been mixing more with the gain knobs than usual. I like it – but you really have to watch that the level slider isn’t left up when you start to cue the next record. 

All in all it was a good listen.

The second hour is a bunch of B-Sides thrown together. The radio show has always been about having fun for me and the second hour is just me playing around with a bunch of records that I have rarely if ever played.


Nukleuz Records Tag Team Set – Take 1

This tag team set was three weeks in the making. Before you get too excited – that doesn’t mean we spent three weeks practicing, rather it got posponed for three weeks before we managed to wing it at the last minute. Regardless of how hard I try to keep from growing up it seems inevitable and with that comes substantially less time devoted to mixing records.

After waiting three weeks for the set it took another week (due to a bad cold) to get the podcast posted. My sincere appologies to Andrew who has waited patiently after I promised him to have it up last Monday!

Nukleuz Rave Energy Set

This week’s Trancendance podcast is a full 2 hours of Nukleuz records mostly featuring the handiwork of Hard Trance genius Nick Sentience. It’s not a perfect set but it felt like there were more good parts than bad parts. It might not make it into the featured podcasts widget but I say it’s worth a listen.

One of my complaints has always been that it’s hard to find DJ mix CDs (back then it was mix tapes) that captured the high energy non-stop beats that I heard at raves. The mix tapes I found were good – they just lacked the relentless energy of some of my favourite DJ performances. This set is pretty relentless so hopefully a few of you will come out of it like I did – wondering were you are!


Killer Nukleuz Trance Mix

The first hour of this weeks podcast is almost entirely from the Nukleuz record label with the one exception being a Nick Sentience record from Riot Recordings. Nick Sentience is one of my favourite trance artists from the Nukleuz label and many of the Nukleuz tracks played in the first hour feature him. 

The second hour isn’t as smooth but it’s still not hard to listen to. The second hour features more layered trance with some tribal influence. 

Burning Man CD – Take 1

A good friend of mine asked me to make a CD as a prize for their caravan heading to Burning Man this year. It’s been years since I made anything more polished than a podcast as family life has chipped away at my free time, so a new CD is long overdue.

This is just a first take but it’s a little rough. After a second listen it wasn’t as bad as I first thought, but there’s a few spots where the beats slip. The first block is about 45 minutes (of Smiley Mike) featues some Nukleuz records and after the break there’s another 90 minutes or so featuring some of the same Tidy Trax and Eve records from the May 4 podcast but at a slightly slower pace (still pounding though).

Caddyshack was busy reorganizing his shoes this week.