Let Me Be Your Shamen
Killer Psychedelic Trance Mix

My set from this week is still untitled. It must be a bit early for the creative juices to be flowing.

Some weeks when I go looking for music, it seems like I have to listen to 100 tracks to find 1 or 2 good ones, but this week it seems like everything I listened to was brilliant! What started off as a tribute to Mekkanikka (who will be playing live at Organix (Club 23 West) in Vancouver next Friday, soon grew to include new music from Laughing Buddha, a new artist I’d never heard of before named Triptych, new tracks from TIP World and another new group named Mesmerizer. This week’s set is VERY psychedelic.

For the second half of the show, Caddyshack brought out some updated Union Jack sounds (a personal fave) as well as some mashed up classics. I could admit I didn’t write down his setlist because I was chatting with our studio guest, Jay (really glad you came by!), but it’s way more fun to just say Caddyshack’s set is top secret – like back in the day when DJs would be pretty reluctant to tell you what tracks they were playing ;)

dj Smiley Mike Psychedelic Trance Mix

Lucas & Dickster – Brainstorm
Laughing Buddha – Space Race
Laughing Buddha – Sacred Technology
Triptych – Here I Am
Triptych – Bokoboko
Aphid Moon & Lucas O’Brien – Hat Trick
Lucas O’Brien & Tristan – Magic Umbra
Lucas O’Brien & Avalon – Stinkin’ Warehouse
Laughing Buddha & Lucas – Binary Bonanza
Triptych – Question & Answer
Laughing Buddha – Freaking Out
Triptych – Playground
Mekkanikka – Bodyakasha
Earthling – Echo Ghetto (feat. Mekkanikka & Chromatone)
Triptych – Playground
Mesmerizer – Break it Down
Mesmerizer – Like a Machine
Mekkanikka – Power (Mesmerizer Remix)
Mekkanikka – Resurection
Mesmerizer – Break it Down

New Trancendance Website Launched

Wow! It feels like forever since I started poking away at the new website design for Trancendance! And it’s been even longer since I first thought about investing the time and energy to finally give Trancendance a proper online home.

This is still only phase 1 of the new website with the help of this site https://www.webdesign499.com/quick-web-design-pointers-you-need-right-now/. The podcast area has lots of content, but the blog area is in need of new content, which should start to fill out on a regular basis. I hope to add some DJ profiles and interviews, some top 10 lists and of course, some upcoming events, especially local ones in Vancouver and Canada.

I’ve also started to dabble with producing remixes and mashups, even if they are bootlegs at this point, so watch for those to be posted here in the blog section, starting soon!

In the meantime, there’s lots of music to check out in the podcast section and I’ve also really started to build up some social media components to complement the Trancendance website. In the sidebar you can find links to Trancendance on Facebook, the Soundcloud profile for dj Smiley Mike, a Trancendance group on Soundcloud and the beginnings of a dj Smiley Mike Twitter page (which needs some followers!)

So please help me spread the word, tell your friends, tell all the people you barely know – and lets play some Trance!